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Network Discover Reporting

Created: 09 Jul 2013 | 2 comments

Is there a more robust report that I can run with Network Discover scan results than just the .csv export?  Specifically, I'm looking to attach the access permissions for each file in question, in the report. I see that they show in the left pane under "Access Information", but cannot see a way to include them in reports. 

Thanks in advance.

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If you want to get the access information inside you discover report, you need to integrate your DLP with DataInsight.
The DataInsight is another component of DLP product. You can refer the admin guide for the configuration with DLP and DataInsight.

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 I never tested it for discover incident, but have a look at xml export usually they contains all information available in the interface (history, notes, even matching component if you have sufficient rights). After that you have to process them to produce nice report. Usually, when my customer needs that i use some python script to process xml and provide as a result a pdf report.