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Network Monitor Message Wait Time

Created: 06 Feb 2013 | 3 comments

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Why is the message wait time so high? What other information does someone need to know why it would be?

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Hi Ene

please refere below

Possible cause of this is issue is that, there might be a corrupt message file stuck in that folder which is not getting processed because of which the rest of the files are queued up.
In order to resolve this situation, arrange all files in the DROP_PCAP by date modified. Then pick up the oldest file from that folder that and try to move it to a different location. Most likely it will give error ‘cannot move the specified file as it is in use by another process’. In order to resolve this Vontu Monitor service on the Network Monitor

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I don't think I understand the resolution to the issue in your last sentence. Are you just saying to restart the Vontu Monitor service?

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I can think of two causes of high message wait time:

1 - corrupt message stuck in the processing queue,

2 - very high traffic load being processed.

Find the drop_pcap folder on the network monitor.  Sort the files by create date or modified date. All the files should be very recent. 

If there is a file over an hour old, you need to remove it.

1 - stop the filereader process.

2 - delete or move the file.

3 - restart the filereader process.

If there isn't an old file, check the traffic load on the monitor.

If the load is okay, use wireshark or other network tool to check the quality of the data being received. Look for lost packets and duplicate acks.

If that doesn't help, open a case with support.


John G. Thompson