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Network Threat Protection missing from 11.0.1000 install on Vista

Created: 06 Feb 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments
This is an odd one I think!
I've uninstalled SEP v11.0.780 from a Vista Laptop, rebooted and then installed SEP v11.0.1000 but for some odd reason the "Network Threat Protection" is missing.
I've tried doing a "Repair" and a "Modify" but no luck. By the way my user account is administrator equivelant.
Vista's own firewall is running but I'd appreciate some guidance as to why the SEP one does not wish to install.
I've had a search on this board and on the web but unfortunately have not found anything relevant and would appreciate some guidance to resolve this matter.
John Carroll

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If it were me, there are three possible things to look at or try.
1)  In add/remove programs, for SEP, click on change.  Choose Modify and double check that Network Threat didn't somehow get uninstalled during your upgrade.
2)  If the SEP install says that it is installed, click back and this time choose the repair option.  Reboot after it completes.
3)  If it is still missing, I would uninstall SEP, then go to the Symantec knowledgebase and grab the article on doing a manual uninstall.  I would use this to pick through files and the registry to get rid of any remaining references to SEP that the installer failed to remove.  Reboot after.  Do a fresh install of SEP MR1.
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Appreciate the suggestions.

The problem has not been sorted, well disappeared to be more precise as my laptop was nicked!


John Carroll

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Solution was to start the Symantec Network Access Control Service and set it to automatic. Network Threat Protection was enabled after a restart.