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Created: 06 Sep 2012 • Updated: 07 Sep 2012 | 3 comments
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Good day.

I think someone is breaking into my wireless network. There is some Symantec security for this kind of protection?
The network has password but I see some symptoms in case internal attacks.



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Dear, good day.

Security of wireless network depends more on you than your security solution. There are cases where even if you have the best of all protections anyway the network is attacked
Example: Leave the telnet port 23 open without worrying about port scans after configured network
Just finished a science project on it where big companies leave their doors open as 23 telnet and unfiltered
Short passwords is a major problem
Do not count on protection solutions for everything as always said "we are 50% on each side" Much depends on the solution also many more depend on you
Start your connection to the router and choose WPA-PSK/WPA-PSK2 as shown in Figure

Change the name of your network and also disable the function to show the network as active so no one will try to break your password for your network does not appear
See figure 2

Place a complex password above 20 digits including letters and special numbers as shown in Figure 3

Also check the doors open and allow just 80 to 21 also quit because depending on your router is ready to exploit this attack with door open
After configured to run a port scan using NMAP with the following codes.

nmap-sV [ip]
nmap-sS-T4-A-v-vv-O [ip]
nmap-sF-g 53 [ip]
nmap-sV-T5-A-sX-O-vv-v [ip]

Make sure your solution will alert you to scan and what if there are open doors.
Just shut up and be quiet you.
Always remember you with a good solution and security policy 99.9%


Fabiano Pessoa

Systems Analyst - Forensic Expert

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I discovered that my network had a 4-digit password and port 21 23 80 were open
I made a strong password and I do nmap also should have no problems now

Thanks for your help and keep recommending this form strong security features

Thanks again

A. Gaspar

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I'm always there to help


Fabiano Pessoa

Systems Analyst - Forensic Expert