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NetworkHosts Attribute question

Created: 09 Jan 2014 • Updated: 29 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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When we setup NIC, do we need configure NetWorkHosts Attribute? What is the advanate of setting up NetworkHosts attribute?

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It is optional.  If you don't set it then agent pings broadcast address and if you do set it to one or more hosts like gateways and dns servers, then it pings until it gets a response from one which is more efficient that pinging broadcast address and creates less traffic on the network than ping broadcast address.


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These are well defined in VCS Bundled agents guide

Table: Optional attributes

Optional attribute



List of hosts on the network that are pinged to determine if the network connection is alive. You can use this attribute to help to save network capacity and reduce monitor time. Symantec recommends that you use the outgoing gateway routers for this value.

Enter the IP address of the host, instead of the host name, to prevent the monitor from timing out. DNS causes the ping to hang. If more than one network host is listed, the monitor returns ONLINE if at least one of the hosts is alive.

If an invalid network host address is specified or if there is mismatch in protocol of network host and Protocol attribute of the resource, the resource enters an UNKNOWN state. If you do not specify network hosts, the monitor tests the NIC by sending pings to the broadcast address on the NIC.

Type and dimension: string-vector

Example: "", ""


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