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new backup with new taps

Created: 20 Mar 2014 | 3 comments


i am a beginner in Symantec backup and tape library.

i am using Symantec backup Exec 2010 R2 and tape library is MSL2024.

from our media server i already added one of my sytem as remote agent. now i have to start  backup .Already tape library is configured  slots 1 -19 for other 4 server. Now 20-23 slots are free, so i have to add 4 tapes in this slot.

So pls give me the details of configuring this new  tapes for new backup.

Thanking You,


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Hello Shamlic,

The easiest way would be:

1. Insert the tapes in slots 20-23(Refer to the HP Article: ). 
2. Once that is done, you may want to perform an Inventory on the tapes(if they are new they'd be assigned to Scratch Media). 
3. Consider making partitions. Refer to

4. Configure the backup job according to your requirments. 

Thanks and Regards,
Siddhant Saini

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Thank you Siddhant,

As i  dont have that much idea about tape library, i am sending my tape inventory image. there showing 19-22 slots are empty. so i can insert new tapes over there..right? and after inventory will it make any changes for the old configurations..?

and in symantec 1-19 slots tapes configured for 4 servers.

i am sending an image, pls check it and reply me.

Thanking you,


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The screenshot that you are showing is the Console for HP. I could give you more information on how things work with Symantec Backup Exec.

I won't be able to provide accurate information about the settings associated to the HP Console and request you to open a thread on their site or refer to the link I posted in my first reply. 

I'd wait for other experts to post a reply on this. 

Thanks and Regards,
Siddhant Saini