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New database - Encryption

Created: 20 Sep 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi everyone!

I need to create a new database for my Encryption Console, and I need to know how to do it if it possible. 

Thx to all!

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Hi LukasM

Can you elaborate on what you want to do?  Is this the precreation of a custom DB in preperation of the SEE installation?

IIRC, there's no article describing how to do this.  That said, the files and filegroups of the SEEMSDb just use the default/basic structure.  Don't forget to make sure you size it correctly though:

If, however, you're just moving the DB, then the below article should help:

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My objective is to clean up my database, there are to many machines that do not supposed to be in there. I thought in create a new DB for my actual encryption console.

Hope this help :)

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Short of restoring to an earlier backup of your SEEMSDb, or reinstalling outright, I don't think there's another supported method of going back to a clean DB (as I mentioned, there aren't any articles for precreating teh DB).

It's entirely possible to bulk delete clients from the SEE Manager Console.  Is this not working for you?

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We have machines on the report list that does not reported to the console since 2011. Something is wrong, and for this we need to start over.

Do you have any suggestion? 

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It's possible to sort by "Last check-in", are you in a position to just bulk delete those that have not checked in recently?

It's worth notiing this only works for machines being managed natively by SEE (i.e. those not part of the domain).  To delete domain-managed SEE clients, please follow the below article:

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We had a similar need so I wrote this script (actually modified on something that Symantec Engineerng originally sent me).  

Rename the attached script from .TXT extension back to .SQL.  Please advise if it works for you.   

It will do 2 things: purge any records already marked for deletion in the database and delete any records older than 90 days (our lockout policy is set to 45 days so anything older than 90 days would be safe to delete).



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