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New deployment of BE 2012

Created: 01 Mar 2013 • Updated: 21 Mar 2013 | 8 comments
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My company is considering purchasing BE 2012.  Right now we have 5 different versions of BE running over 6 servers, all acting as their own media server, with agents only running on a select few.  I would like to centralize our back up system, have one media server and the other servers running agents.  With that said a couple question arise.  If I understand correctly if it was set up with one Media all of the servers with RAWS would be available in the selection list.    If you were to setup one backup job set to backup all available servers am I correct in assuming that if one of the servers had an error that the whole backup job would fail.  Or does BE know somehow that even know it's one job backing up multiple servers if one fails the whole job dosn't fail, only that portion of the job fails.   If the job fails as a whole collectively is it better to run one job set per server?

Another question is what is the easiest way of transitioning from our old versions to BE 2012.  Meaning can we keep our older versions running (and the current jobs) while we install and set up BE 2012 and then slowly faze out the old job and then uninstall the old versions.  Or can you not have 2 versions of BE installed on one machine. Do we then need to some how export our old bkf files to the new media sets on the new media server.  

Right now they are just set to the network admin account which I know is to broad, but that is another battle for a different time.  I think my final question for this post is what log on info is recommended for each of the services.  In another one of my posts an adviser said the the agent service is suppose to be set to the local admin account.  What log on accounts should I use to make sure credentials are a non-issue, right now I would rather be to broad, than to restrictive or incorrect.


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For BE 2012, you can only back up 1 server per job.

You cannot have 2 versions of BE on the same server.  In your case, you would have to uninstall the existing BE on the remote server and then install the RAWS that correspond to the version of BE on the media server.

To restore your old backups in BE 2012, see my article below

The requirements of the BESA is given below

 Requirements for the Backup Exec Service Account (BESA).

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Thanks...  So as far as log on accounts go domain/administrator is fine for all services except for the remote agent account which should be set on "local system account"?  

One other question about best practices.  Lets say I have 6 servers all running a pretty similar backup schedule to different B2D's.  Is their a problem with sharing media sets between servers since they are going to have the same overwrite and append values.  Or should each B2D have it's own media set?

Thanks again! 

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Yes.  The remote agent service should be run using the local system account.

No problem.  You can share disk storage and media sets.  In BE 2012, you can only have 1 disk storage per volume and disk storage are managed by DLM, so media sets do not apply.

You might want to read my article below

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I know that I am proably way over thinking things but I would like your opion as to what server you would recomend that I install the media server on?

Server 1

Specs : 

(2) Xeon 2.4 Ghz

16 Gb of ram

1.6 Tb of hd

Server 2008 Enterprise

This server houses all of the files for my company

Server 2


Xeon 2.4 Ghz

3 Gb of ram

100 Gb of hd

Server 2003 Enterprise

This server is our primary domain controller and dns server

Server 3


Xeon 3.2 Ghz

2 Gb of ram

500 Gb of hd

Server 2003 Enterprise

This server has a SQL data base on it and more than likely our new AV Server

Server 4


Xeon 2 Ghz

15.9 Gb of ram 

1.6 Tb of HD

Server 2003 R2 Enterprise

This is our back up domain controller anddens server.  It also has one small access DB on it.

Thanks for your input!

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All are equally good, except for the AV server.  You might want to put it on a server which will have the least impact when backup job runs, especially during the day because you might have to do some backup or restores during the day.   Also, you might want to take into consideration the amount of traffic flowing across your network when doing backups.

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Is it because of the specs or that you wouldn't recomend grouping it with AV

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I would not put it together with the AV.

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One final question, I know that you can not have 2 versions of BE installed on a single machine.  However can you install BE on a machine that does not have BE on it and install agents on machines that have another version of BE on it.  Right now each of our 6 servers are acting as their own media server, we will be purchasing BE 2012 sometime this week and our current backups are in complete disarray.  I would like to avoid migrating the exiting data to the new version of BE, however I cant go with out any backups.  I talked to a friend of mine and he has BE 2010 on one of his servers and BE2012 on another, both are backing up all of his servers.