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New Flexera wisescript editor Issue with custom dialog (Control Name variable)

Created: 16 Jul 2013 • Updated: 16 Jul 2013 | 6 comments


We have recently migrated from wise script editor 7.0 sp1 to the new Flexera Wisescript editor 

We used to generate GUID in the script by usingthe user defined custom action. which will generate the GUID when we enable that .

in the new wise secript editor we are not able to get the GUID and its blank. We investigated and find that there is a bug in the new version 

Flexera also said it was bug and they are informing symantec about it but I am not sure whether Symantec will give resolution for this at this time

In the custom dialog editor to control the text in the controls added (like Edit text control and text control) we use the control name variable (GUID in the below screenshoot) and we will set that in the script of the custom dialog by using a custom action called "Set Control text" 

I found that "Set Control Text" custom action is not working and not displaying the value back to the text control box.


Please let me know if there is any work around for this. I need a way to send the variable from the custom dialog to the main script.

Thank you,


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My understanding of the deal between Symantec and Flexera is that Symantec were given reseller rights to a badged version of Flexera Adminstudio, in exchange for providing Flexera with the source code for Wisescript so that Flexera could develop it as an Adminstudio scripting language.  There was no real development within Symantec on Wisescript or even Wise products for the last few years - maybe one or two part time developers, and I'm pretty sure Symantec have no interest whatsoever in continuing to maintain ANY wise code, as they have end-of-lifed all Wise products. Even existing maintenance commitments have long since ended.

Any bugs found within Flexera products are therefore Flexera's sole responsibility to resolve - I'm not even sure why they are informing Symantec about it unless there is some back door agreement that was not made public, or they are seeking some support from the former wisescript developer.

The obvious workaround is to go back to a version of Wisescript that did work for your specific requirement, or call some vbscript in-line to perform the action that is no longer working within Wisescript.

Out of interest, which product now has the Flexera wisescript code in it?

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Thanks for the reply

No we cant go back to old verison. any way that wont supported in 64bit and win 7, win 8 enviroments.

I tried to use the vb script (in the wise script) to generate the GUID (random) but the vbscript will get executed at the time of instalaltion (wisescript exe) but I just need that to execute only once at wisescript compilation time so that GUID will get saved to the wisescript and it will be same for all the machines.

If it get executed at run time then we will end up with different GUID's in each machine. and I dont want that.

By the way we are using the Admin studio 11.5 now and Flexera wisescript is included with that.


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Why don't you just define a GUID as a compiler variable then?  If you want a fixed GUID for all installs, this would seem a logical way to proceed.

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it needs to chnaged for each package..So we used to have a Custom action to do that.

It will generate a random GUID before compilation will be saved to the script.

But if i add the vbscript it is generating random GUID's at the time of installation (wise exe)

If we define compiler variable then we need to generate GUID outside of the script. 


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Have you tested your updated Wise script on both x32 and x64 editions of Windows?  If leveraging the Windows path variable to find cscript (or wscript) when calling your vbscript, you will often run into an error when running on a 64bit edition of Windows as it will attempt to run the 64-bit version of cscript.  Be sure to specify the 32bit version cscript by calling it from the SysWoW64 folder.

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@ Ken

Are you referring to the Flexera implementation of Wisescript or the previous release in WPS 8 ?

Despite some changes to try and provide basic 64 bit operating system support into Wisescript, wisescript in WPS8 was still predominantly a 32 bit app as there was no resource to do anything more than minor changes to the basic code.  I have a nasty feeling that the Flexera release is not going to show much, if any, progress in this respect.

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