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New Media error message after SP2

Created: 17 Oct 2013 • Updated: 24 Oct 2013 | 7 comments
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Using Backup Exec 2012 v14 rev 1798

After my scheduled backups run, I have set my RDX catridge to eject, to make exchanging cartrdiges in the morning possible without starting up Backup Exec and ejecting the cartridge from the software. I am not able to eject via hardware - I assume Backup Exec disables this functionality.

Since I installed SP2 a few days ago, I am getting a media error message "The disk is offline" at some point after the backups have run. There are no pending actions, I assume Backup Exec is just polling the RDX and seeing that there is no cartridge in it. Is there some way I can disable this error notification, without disabling any other media error messages? I do want to know if a media error occurs during a backup, however I don't need to know that there is no cartridge in the bay if there is no backup running.

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This has been seen to occur following Backup Exec Database maintenance.  I recommend initiating a support case to gather the logs and evidence needed.

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If you use Backup Exec 2012 to protect Exchange and send this backup to RDX with eject media at end of job set then you need to be aware that we will spawn a separate Catalog job after the end of the Exchange backup job finishes that expects to be able to find the mounted media. If this Catalog job does not find the media it needs because you ejected it then you might see some odd alerts from the system.

Note I am not sure that this is your probelm as your alert message is not the one we would expect but it is something you need to be aware of if you are ejecting media with Backup Exec 2012 and Exchange backups.

Fix is either stop eject the media against Exchange jobs - or use a reg key to make BE 2012 handle Exchange Catalogs like BE 2010 used to.

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I spent a long time with Symantec support and the answer seems to be that this is a new "feature" and can't be disabled. I either disable alerts on all media errors, or live with getting a media error at some point after the last job completes every day telling me that there is no media in the bay that the last job ejected the cartridge from.

We have no Exchange server, and this message can happen as much as 5 hours after the completion of the last backup job.

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Are you using a Tandberg RDX?  If so, see this document to solve your manual eject problem

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I am using a Dell RD1000 PowerVault bay.

I suppose that could be another workaround, though I prefer the disk ejecting. Should I be able to manually eject the RDX cartridge? It used to work in an earlier version of Backup Exec and stopped in this version, so I assumed it was a "feature" to lock the cartridge in.

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If you do not have the Dell RD1000 Utility software installed, then ejecting the media through software or by pressing the button could fail. I've seen the eject work then all of a sudden stop working regardless if it was BE trying to eject the media or if I was tryig to eject the media in Windows Explorer.

Do yo have the RD1000 Utility software installed?

If not, then you may download it from Dell?

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Hello Microfiche,

Here is a link to download the RD utility. once you have the utility installed you will need to run 2 other files to ensure that the eject works as it should.  The two files are enablebesteffort.bat & setupeject.exe.  the files can be found in the following location.

Enable best effort.bat

Program Files (x86)\RD1000\Service

Setup eject.exe

Program Files (x86)\RD1000

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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