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New Netbackup 7.5.0.x on RHEL 6.4

Created: 05 May 2013 | 5 comments

Hi Team,

I am going to build a new Netbackup environment using Netbackup 7.5 runing RHEL6

I need your advice as per your experience.

Do I install Netbackup 7.5 with 0.5 patch or I should stay N-1, i.e.

same in case of OS RHEL 6 is now available with patch 4 i.e. RHEL6.4, Do I install RHEL6.4 or I should stay N-1 i.e. RHEL6.3

as per Netbackup OS compatibility guide, Netbackup supports RHEL6, its not mentioned as what patch level ...



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RamNagalla's picture


Please go ahead with netbackup  , it has lot of fixes..(see the below link)

and also check in 7.5 late breaking news(below link) for the EEB that got released after release , if you did hit those issues. EEB will be able to help to resovle those.

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I agree with Nagalla about NBU
I cannot speak for the RHEL version as I have no personal experience.
The Compatibility Guide says under the main RHEL heading that all OS Release updates are supported for the listed versions unless clearly specified otherwise.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Hi Gurjeet,

I am running many Master and Mediaservers with and RHEL 6.4. Important are certain memory, SHM and semaphore params on the master...just write me if you want to know more.

Running versions below would require some EEB's, especially one for a growing EMM-DB problem.

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Hi Angreas,

Could you help  me listing all dependence/ patches to install Netbackup on 

RHEL6.3 & RHEL6.4

I am planing to go with RHEL6.3 as N-1, but OS team might ask me to give us Netbackup prerequesties, patches etc.



Gurjeet Singh

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Don't forget to adjust kernel parameters for RedHat to avoid any possible resource contention:

RHEL is quite all right as a platform.

Don't forget to generate a checklist before installing