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New NetBackup Product Landing page.

Created: 13 Aug 2014 • Updated: 28 Nov 2014 | 9 comments
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New look NetBackup Product Landing Page!

We are trying to make our content easier to find. We now have the pleasure of announcing a new landing page for NetBackup (which some of you may have peeked at already), which has been designed specifically with that goal in mind. Have a look at the new page:

We’d heard that people were finding the original product landing page overwhelming, so we’ve simplified the page (bearing in mind which links were clicked most and which search terms are most commonly used). 

This page is now also easier to maintain, so we can swiftly and easily highlight high priority issues.

The new format also supports ‘topic’ pages, where we can pull together information and links around a particular topic or subject. You can see our first example of this new type of page if you look at our installation or upgrade topic. We plan to have more in future.

We hope you like the improvement!

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Riaan.Badenhorst's picture

Hi Linette,

Thanks for the info. I have the following feedback.....

I don't like the "Check compatibility with SORT" bit.

If you click on it, it takes you from  to

Then I have to click on "Compatibility List".

It then takes me to

Then I have to select NetBackup and then the version which takes me to

Then I have to click on the "Master Compatibility List" which takes me to

And only then can I finally see the compatibility lists.

Seems a bit convoluted to me.

The rest is great, thanks.


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)

Andy Welburn's picture

Is this merely just the wording for the link?

"SORT provides information on whether your environment is compatible with a NetBackup installation or upgrade, and gives you links to the latest documentation and software."

Whereas, if you're just looking for Compatibility 'lists' you'd look under 'Documentation' - just a click or two away!

Linette V's picture

Hi Riaan,

Really glad you like the rest of it! :)

I see how the wording of that item could be tricky.. We'll have to have a think if there is a way to phrase that link more clearly, as whilst SORT is used to check general environment compatibility with the various versions of NetBackup, I agree that the word 'compatibility' is very associated with the compatibility list.

(Incidentally we know that the compatibility lists are really in demand, so rather than have to click through a whole pile of other links, the second link in the 'how to' left hand box, takes you straight to them. Hope you find that much more pleasing!)

Thanks very much for taking the time to comment.

Marianne's picture

Sorry!!! I still prefer my 'Handy NBU Links'...

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

Linette V's picture


Fair enough Marianne! I imagine that someone with your vast skill and knowledge in the product has got quite an enviable collection of excellent links at her fingertips. However you prefer to store and retrieve information, I know many people on these boards have felt the benefit of it!

D.Flood's picture

I'll take the old format.

The new page assumes that everyone is running the bleeding edge version whereas the old page didn't.

The new page assumes that you picked the right product in the first place.  The old one allowed searches of any product just by changing a drop-down.

The new page is harsher looking than the old one.  I'm not sure if it's the icons or the shade of yellow or what...

The old page had direct links to functions.  The new page has links to lists of you have to drill down to do something rather than being taken right to the function.

Linette V's picture

Sorry to hear that you are not as keen on the new look!  

Is there a specific function you are really missing on the page? One thing that you repeatedly need? What was the link you most frequently used from the old page? 

Whilst we've built the page looking at what people generally clicked the most, if in any future updates we could make it more useful to you and others with similar needs, that would be the best of both worlds.

sdo's picture

Personally, I preferred the previous page.  Would it be possible to have a vote?

D.Flood's picture

Unfortunately it looks like a done's now infected the Appliance main page...

Redesign for the sake of looking "new and edgy"..never a good thing...