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New problem with Sharepoint/SQL backup after agent updates

Created: 07 Sep 2012 | 4 comments

Hi All,

I'm having a new problem after I just updated all the Backup Exec for Windows agents for Backup Exec 2012 to all of my Windows servers. I currently have the following setup in my backups:

  • For my SQL (2008 R2) Server, I have "Microsoft SQL Server Instances" fully selected, which also includes the Sharepoint database.
  • I also have a Sharepoint (2007) Server Farm backup job and it too is fully selected, which has the databases located in the SQL Server mentioned above.

Prior to the agent updates, I wasn't having any issues. Both the Sharepoint and SQL backups were successful without exceptions. But after the agents were updated, my SQL backup are successful but are throwing up the following exceptions for every Sharepoint database:

V-79-57344-33925 - Error: SharePoint_Config is a component of a SharePoint server farm. It must be backed up using the Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. Select it for backup from the Microsoft Server SharePoint Server Farms node.

I'm not too sure why I am getting this error message all of a sudden, because it is getting backed up in the Sharepoint Server Farm node. When I go into the SQL job selection and browse the backup selections, I do see that there are checkmarks next to every database associated by a Sharepoint database, but the selctions are disabled where I cannot modify them. If I try to right click on those Databases and select Include/Exclude, I do get the Include/Exclude window where I can click on the Exclude radio button, but when I press OK nothing happens. The window stays up and I have to press cancel.

I tried the following KB Article for this error message, but it didn't correct the problem. I know I could go in to the SQL backup job, deselect a full SQL backup and then just manually add in every database to the job list, but in my opinion that is not a clean solution. It would mean that any new database files that are created will no longer be backed up. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this issue?

Backup Exec Server and Agent Version: 14.0 1798

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VJware's picture

For the SQL selections, there should be an 'edit' button, which would allow you to keep a top level selection (thereby ensuring dynamic inclusion) & also deselect the sharepoint databases...

Jason Chambers's picture

There's no edit button when you browse the backup selection screen. Just the selections itself. As mentioned above, the Sharepoint databases are selected by selecting the full Microsoft SQL Server Instances option, but to disable/exclude the selection is disabled (geyed out). The Selection Details just shows Include - *.*

Jason Chambers's picture

Ahh, so I'm not going insane! I'll just ignore these messages for now and wait it out for the next patch to hopefully fix this issue. I'll just assume that it'll get fixed shortly.

Thanks for your help VJware! :)