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New release of Backup Exec

Created: 16 Sep 2013 | 15 comments
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In the Backup Exec Beta Blog (now closed), you mentioned "...In August , we should be able to give a 6 month window for when you can expect the next BE...." I have not seen any mention of the next release of Backup Exec - any update?

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Sorry Lilman Tait, 

          There is no official release date for the next Version or Revision of Backup Exec. As we approach our next release we will begin blogging and looking to secure the Beta group as done with 2012 SP2 and 2010 R3 SP3. Unfortunately at this time there is not any more information to give. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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So the reseller community is suppose to continue to take the heat for Backup Exec 2012's lack of support for WS2012......? How can I continue to promote a product that isn't "100% ready" for primetime?

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@LilManTait - We hear you and understand your frustration. We've captured all the features you want and those are top priorities for upcoming versions. We want to make this right for you, and are working hard to do that. Feel free to private message me if you would like to schedule a call to discuss anything further.

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BE 2012 SP2 was released recently and offers some really solid support for Server 2012.

What support are you missing from BE 2012 as it relates to Server 2012?

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...there is only RAWS support for Windows Server 2012. You cannot install Backup Exec on it as a media server. This is the only support currently available.


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We have 6 servers with Windows Server 2012, but we cannot install newest Backup Exec as Media Server, so what can we do? Waiting few month for new BE version? Downgrade OS to Windows 2008 R2? Nonsense... Time to find new backup product..Thanks Symantec.

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I have been running BE 2012 SP2 as a media server on Windows 2012 server for almost a year now with no issues. What issues are you having with this combination?


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...not to split hairs here, but i suspect you mean you've been running BE 2012 as a media server on Win2K12 for almost a year. BE 2012 SP2 was only released at the end of July.

The problem is that your setup is not supported, and while some companies might allow that type of setup, a lot wouldn't. Installing BE 2012 on Windows Server 2012 as a media server is also a hit-and-miss affair; it might work with you, but not for the next 10 people who try it.

I'd recommend NOT trying to solve the previous poster's issues on the forums...


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CraigV's picture now!

Take it offline and PM the guy instead. But...the SCL is quite clear. Windows Server 2012 is not supported, so you might end up causing more of an issue to get it running than the guy currently has.


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I understand that there is only RAWS support for WS2012, however there are customers who have migrated all of their infrastructure to WS2012 and are hesitate to purchase/renew their support of BE due to this.

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...the comment was directed more at the poster above my previous comment. The support would be more solid if there was support for BE 2012 to run on Windows Server 2012 as a media server.

This will come in the next version, but there have been no announcements around this.


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Good point!  Forgot about that issue - completely escaped me since I use the BE3600 appliance :)

Honestly, I would renew still.

Server 2012 support is solid aside from that, and if you want to try and get dirty, you could use a network share for storage, and have that network share be a Server 2012 machine that has dedupe enabled :)

Double dirty if you use 2012 R2 and set that share up with tiered storage - backups will be SUPER fast going to SSD, and then tiering will automatically optimize the storage and move the backups to HDDs :)

(only problem with tiering is that it has to be fixed provisioned and mirrored - mirroed isn't an issue, but fixed provionsed could be)

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It has been 5 months. Any updates other than it will need to have 2014 in the name?

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Currently Backup Exec 2014 is in a two stage Beta program roll out; you can find more information on the Backup Exec Beta Program here -“” .

If you would like to participate in the Backup Exec 2014 Beta program you can sign up by visiting

William Donigan
Backup Exec
Advanced Technical Support Engineer