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New Symantec Connect Community Launching Soon!

Created: 17 Feb 2009 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of Symantec Connect, an exciting new peer-to-peer community that will combine the communities currently making up STN, Altiris Juice, and the Altiris Tech Support forums.

Real-world users of Symantec products (like you!) will provide some of the best solutions to technical challenges through blogs, forums, videos, downloads and articles. This great new community is the perfect way for you to find technical information from both Symantec tech support teams and from Symantec users around the world.

To make the sites easier to navigate, we've established five different community areas, based on our product. So if you are a SEP or BrightMail product user, please check out the new community area developed just for you.

When you participate in the community, you can earn both fame and fortune—okay maybe not fortune, but you can redeem participation points for some great prizes, and your lifetime points earn you status levels on the site.

Do you love your current community? Don’t worry, all of the valuable content that you currently enjoy on your community will be migrated to the new Symantec Connect community. You’ll notice the change, but you should be able to access the site without any problem. If you’ve logged in to STN, the Altiris Support Forums, or The Juice in the past couple of months, your account has already been migrated. If you haven’t, creating your new account will happen automatically when you log in.

Watch for the change to happen the first week of March. It’s a whole new way to connect!

I'll look forward to connecting with you on the new community site.


Eric S.

Community Admin