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New Tab?

Created: 18 Jul 2013 | 11 comments

Is it possible to open a web form page in a different tab? If so, how, and will it mess anything up?

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What exactly do you mean in a new tab? Do you mean when one form comes into another form, the "other form" gets open in a new tab?

I don't think it would bust anything... you can probably get it working by using some custom javascript. I'll play around with it and see if I can get it working.

EDIT: I'm so, so close. I added a custom JS event to the onclick of the button on my 1st form... the JS is, '_blank');

Problem is, it opens up the 1st web form again before opening up the 2nd form (after another click)

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I really like this way reecardo. Is it possible to get the new tab to go to the 2nd form?

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Attaching my webforms project (ignore any warnings on open)

Basically what happens is after clicking the button on the 1st form, the 1st form opens again in a new tab. Clicking the button again opens the 2nd tab in a new form. So it's "almost" working". I'm still playing with it.

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To do this, login to the portal as an administrator and navigate to Admin -> Service Catalog Settings

Once there, select the category of the form you would like to change (on the left). Now find the form you are opening, select the orange lightning bolt and click Edit Form.

On the Form Information tab, scroll down and click Open In New Window then save your changes.

Hope this helps!

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How do I login to the portal?

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That depends on whether or not you've installed ProcessManager. If you accepted the installer defaults, it'll be at <install>/ProcessManager.

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It's installed. It's asking for a username/PW???

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Yep... most people pump in the user they specify at install.

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Ok. I need to talk to some people to get the login info. Thank you

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I'm using a web form workflow. The process manager doesn't help me.

I''ve been using a sub dialog component. This seems to be the way to go.