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New task, old tasks obsolete, how to delete msmq's

Created: 22 Jan 2010 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello all,

Due to our move to Exchange 2007, I need to ' clean'  the msmq's

Old setup:
1 EV server handles 3 exchange 2003 servers. It has three tasks, and thus 3 times msmq's for that task.

interim setup
1 EV server handles 3 or less exchange 2003 servers + 1 exchange 2007 server

new setup
1 EV server handles 1 exchange 2007 server

At the interim step, we are moving mailboxes per 3 exchange 2003 servers to the one exchange 2007 server. At a certain point in time the 3 exchange 2003 servers have no more mailboxes left.
I have verified that the queues belonging to the 3 exchange 2003 tasks are empty, and all mailboxes are provisioned and synced. I verify double, in 3 days, so there are no remains in the msmq.
I then delete the exchange 2003 tasks and the ex2003 targets.
I now want to remove the msmq's belonging to the old tasks.

I found a document that states that you should stop the taskcontroller, remove all the queu's, start taskcontroller. The task should recreate the queue's.. Is that still valid?

I was thinking personally of stopping all EV-services (after verifying that msmq's are empty ofcourse), then remove the queues belonging to the old tasks, but leave the existing queues for the new task in place. Then restart services. Could that also be done?

Anyone done this before?

Thanks as always,


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Hey Gertjan,
I have just deleted old msmq's without removing the current ones, it works like a champ.  That is the way I would go.

You are correct that if you delete the current msmq's they will get recreated.