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New Training & Troubleshooting Content for DS is available on Connect!

Created: 26 Apr 2013 • Updated: 28 Oct 2013
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As part of a larger project to get more information into the hands of our customers, Product Management has asked that we create more video content for the different groups out here.  To assist in this matter, the Deployment Solution support team has started to build a series of videos to help both train in common product use, as well as train in advanced use and/or troubleshooting skills.  Along with that, we've been creating a series of white-papers to work with the videos and/or cover areas where videos would not be appropriate.

This is a work in progress with many planned videos and content still to come.

To find this material, please either join the Deployment Solution product group here on connect, or simply follow this link:

Putting It All Together - A Video and Document Series for Deployment Solution from Symantec Support.

This is essentially a landing page for all the content, which includes things like:

  • The samples previously published, and new/updated samples coming out individually
  • Quick-start guides to help you learn the product if you're new to it, in both video and white-paper format
  • Advanced-use guides and videos to expand the use of the product beyond the obvious (e.g. using WinPE 3.1/4, creating custom views, modifing default policies, customizing driver support, etc)
  • Troubleshooting guides (mostly videos) to help you through most of our common issues.
  • Top 10 list of issues with video resolutions (comming - more analysis is needed first)
  • Advanced documentation to expand on what you can get from the default documentation by adding what we learn after release.

We hope you enjoy the content, and please be sure you post us on things you'd like to see.

Note: If content is listed without a link, it's because it's work-in-progress.  If content is NOT listed, it means you should make a suggestion.  We may have thought of it, but suggestions always help!

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