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New user archive mail into leaf user mailbox archive

Created: 28 Feb 2013 | 13 comments

Hi All,

For example, i have domain\userA in past year, somehow we didnt delete, now, when another user have same name, the ev didnt enable those mailbox archive,

We didnt notice that , and follow the symantec KB change the vaule  HKLM\SOFTWARE\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents\SynchInMigrationMode to  1 (already change back to 0)

now, we have 3 user have that problem,

I want to divide those leaft user and current user in mail archive.

I have disabled those mailbox  for those user in EV, but If i enable again, EV dont know creaate new archive, they keep use the old mail archive

my question is what is the method to divide back into 2 mail archive,

I tried to restore the message in user mailbox( user login outlook and we help to click restore item in Outlook) , but 1 of them have too many folder and too many item, If i click 1000 item restore, the outlook is going to hang and the message is say planning to archive but cannot finish

second method

export all old email from mail archive into PST and create a new mail archive and import into it, delete those old email in archive

(but i cannot find a button to create a mailbox archive and delete email)

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If you dont require the old user, you can delete that user from AD first.

Use Export Archive wizard to export all archived items to PST file, while doing so, you get option to delete archived items from the that archive. You need to check that box and complete the export.

Once all archived items are exported to PST file, you can delete the archive. You might need to restart the Storage Service. There are several factors which can restrict the deletion of archive and archived items, such as retention, backup mode of vault store etc.

Run the provisioning task in report mode, and enable the NEW required user, which will create an archive for that user. (Assuming archive task is running)

Once archive is created, you can import the exported archived items from PST file.

I hope this helps..

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You can refer following technotes:

How to export archived items

Importing (migrating) exported files


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I try export archive into orginail mailbox and it work ok on test account,

so after that, I need to make sure export archive not include those old email and create the new mail archive for new user,

Any step I need to be aware ?

However, I cannot find export in pst and delete this option, I am using EV 10.0.1

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While selecting All items instead you need to select from folder path and enter root "\" which will include all archived emails, just below that you have option to delete archived items after export.

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Here is the setting which I am talking about:

The PST Export Wizard - Exporting to pst file and deleting the archive

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WHen I export the PST to orginal mailbox,I just discover have 2 email in the mailbox, 1 is the EV archived and another 1 is restored, Is it possible to keep the restored email?

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Yes it is possible to keep the restored one, EV Archived email is nothing but the Shortcut.

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Actually , I want to restore all arcehive email to normal email, so If I choose export to orgianl mailbox, I saw will remain 2 copy of the email, Is it possible just keep the orgianl email and the archive email will disapper,

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everytime when I try to restore more than 200 item in 1 time (using outlook 2010), then cannot restore have eroro the selected item cannot be restore

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Well outlook is not meant to bulk restore...if you want to restore everything back to original mailbox, best way is to export archive to mailbox. And use steps given in above technotes to delete archived items from archive and setup orphan shortcut deletion to delete shortcuts from mailbox..

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I had recreate a new mail archive for those user, howerver, the auto mail archive task will not auto archive those restore mail, any ideas?

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It is because the Modified Date gets reset when you restore an item back to mailbox. Check the modified date of those restored item and compare it with your Mailbox policy setting to see if date falls under archiving criteria.