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newbie to VCS: need help

Created: 17 Oct 2012 • Updated: 18 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi Experts,

I am very new to VCS . I have configured a 2 nodes cluster and added a servicegroup with a enabled  NIC resource. I want to bring up that servicegroup but getting following error. Could you please help me.

/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hagrp -online mygroup -sys node1
VCS WARNING V-16-1-10162 Group mygroup has not been fully probed on system node1


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Is NIC interface name the same on both nodes?
If not, you need to 'localize' the resouce, e.g. (extract from Bundled Agent Guide):

Device@sysA = bge0
Device@sysB = bge1

Please post 'mygroup' section in /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/

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This means VCS cannot determine the status of one or more resources on node1.  If you run

hastatus -sum

this will show you the resource(s) that are not probed.  If you look in engine_A.log (in /var/VRTSvcs/log), it may tell you why VCS cannot probe the resource or you may find information in the log for the resource type (so for example if the resource that can't be probed is of type "Application", look in Application_A.log).

Reasons for not being able to probe (which means being able to successfully run monitor entry point to determine the status of the resource), is errors in the attributes (maybe a typo or missing attribute) or there is something wrong with what the resource is monitoring.


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Hi Priyanka3rdfeb,

The NIC resource is a persistent resource.  This means that its cannot be onlined or offlined (it hardware).  As such, VCS cannot use its state to determine the state of the service group.  If this is the only resource in the group then you will need to add a non-persistent resouce to the service group. 

For testing you could add a FileOnOff or an IP resource to the group. FileOnOff just needs a path and file name and during online it creates the file in the path provided.  During offline it deletes it.

The IP resource assigns and IP to the NIC provided.  This might be a better choice as it is used much more often than the FileOnOff resource.

As Marianne mentioned, it would be helpful if you share your service group configuration details from the

You can also use the information Mike provided to troubleshoot a resource not probing issue if you have more than just the NIC resource in your service group.

Both Marianne and Mike are great resources on this forum and have been very helpful to many people.

Let us know if any of this has helped or if you need more assistance.  As always, Symantec Technical Support is available 24x7x365 and we will be more than happy to help you more directly if you need it.

Thank you,

Wally Heim

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Thanks a lot Wally , Marianne and Mike for you help. I had only NIC resource (which is persistent as Wally pointed out),  I added  IP and FileOnOff resources and now I am able to bring up my servicegroup .  I was having some issues in bringup the IP resouces and the logs (which Mike pointed out) helped me to troubleshoot.

Thanks again. Really appreciate your help.

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Check whether apart from the NIC resource, you have any other resources are part of the Service Group. Also make sure that the agents for each the resource types are running on the System. This error is logged when the agent is not running on the system. You can verify the same using:

# haagent -display | grep Running

In case an agent has stopped running, you can start it using

# haagent -start <agent name> -sys <sysname>