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Newly Discovered Computers

Created: 05 Apr 2012 | 1 comment

We are having issues here trying to determine when we can fully move to 7.1 but our computer numbers are out of whack.   I am including an email thread, any comments suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I see that that number has dropped but the number above it, the discovered computers, has increased by approximately 200. It looks like the computers that were in the “new in the last 5 days” just got added to the total number of discovered pcs. So we still seem to have 200 more computers in the last week or so. I don’t understand where these came from, if they actually exist or if they are a mistake. I know in the past we have always been around 1100 -1200 for a total number and now we are close to 1400. So I’m still trying to understand where theses “new” computers came from.

There are 205 unmanaged computers. 205 plus the 1183 that have the management agent installed brings us to this total number of 1388.  But that still doesn’t tell us where this 200 came from, why they were just discovered last week.

I’m wondering if we are now “discovering” a location that was not being picked up before. I added the other admins to this so they can chime in on this question:  Did we just turn on the discovery function at some of our locations? Or did we just add a location or OU that hadn’t been on the list previously?

Could we be focusing on the wrong number here? What’s the difference between “managed” and “inventory collected”?   I understand we might not have all these answers yet, but I am trying to get as many questions asked as I can before you guys go to the Altiris training.

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The unmanaged computers are computers without the altiris agent installed.  Something collected them. Either a scheduled or manual run of AD that included an OU as you described or a network discovery.  Something brought in these 205 unmanaged computers.  Hopefully you don't have an automatic policy setup to install the altiris agent or these machines are going to start being managed very shortly.

One question why does this hinder you moving to 7.1? 

An FYI - on my 7.0 migration to 7.1 the recommended client agent upgrade path by Symantec totally did not work.  I had to basically touch every machine and do a manual uninstall and then do a fresh push of the new agent.  If I followed the path recommended by symantec the upgrade of the agent would fail and then I would have to touch it anyways.  I have a post on this in the forum if you are interested.  For me 200 clients no big deal but for you 1200 clients this is a major concern.  Others also experienced that the symantec method did not work as described.  I also tested this failure with 7.1 sp1 and 7.1 sp2.