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Created: 15 Jul 2013 | 11 comments


I did already asked this question before but didnot get any followup, I also add the name of the server B and its IP address to the host file of the Server A but still when creating a backup I can see that the external NIC of the Server has been used to transfer data.

Any idea why this heppens?

We have BE 2010, we have 2 domains these 2 domain the backup libray and media server are in the domain A, the media server has a NIC that I use it to connect to a switch that it connected to the domain B, in the domain B we have a server I did install the windows Agent on this server and create an local account on this server, and use this account to backup files on the the server in the doman B, the server in the domain B has 2 NICs one has internal IP as the same reng of the domain A and second NIC has an Public IP 62.XX.XX.230. I can run my backup job without any problem., but today I found out that the BE use the external IP of the server in the domain B to backup the files, and this cost us mony becuse the data must go trough tge 62.XX.XX.230 instead of the



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For the remote server in domain B, did you the remote agent utility to change it to publish to the media server using the subnet?

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I did check the remote agent on the server in domain B and under publishing tab I can see the IP address of the NIC that connect the media server to the switch that domain B is connected

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Did you add both hostname and FQDN as entries in your host files, and when making the selections to backup are you using the hostname or the FQDN?

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yes I did add this:

now when ping the it returens (internal IP of the server in the domain B).

when go to the backup set and to selection and then to Windows system there I can see the FQDN of the server (did I understand you correctly?)

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OK are you also setting the network card in the network and security section of the job?

Also when you look in the job log - there are lines that states:

Network control connection established between 'ip address:port' <--> 'ipaddress:port'


Network data connectuion established between 'ip address:port' <--> 'ipaddress:port'

do these line also show that thewrong IP addresses are being used?

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Yes when I go to the job logs I can see that the wrong IP address being used, I can see that still the public IP address of the server in the domain B has been used.

Network control connection is established between <--> 62.XX.XX.162:10000
Network data connection is established between <--> 62.XX.XX.162:38544

I did check the network and security section of the job and I can see that option "Use any abailble network card" is selected. this job must backup files in the domain A and domain B in the same time. so I tought maybe this is the root of the issue so I did create a small job to just backup the files in the Domain B but still I can see that the public IP has been used.


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...using that setting means backups will flow over any of the NICs. It doesn't nail down the NIC with the IP addressing scheme you want to use (ie. backup VLAN NIC). If you want this to be used exclusively, you need to make sure ALL servers have a NIC dedicated to backups with a specific IP addressing scheme, and then select this particular NIC on the drop-down list under the Network and Security section.

Otherwise backups will flow over whatever NIC is available to resolves the media server.


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As in my first post saied there is one NIC that connect the media server in the Domain A with the switch of the domain B, so I think even with option any Netwerk card is selected only this NIC would be used.

CraigV's picture, not necessarily. That server will have a second NIC with a different IP address and it might use that. To make sure it uses a specific NIC, you need to "hard-code" it in the options section for this.

Simple way around this backwards-and-forwards in the forums here...draw a diagram and post it.


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Have you tried splitting the two domains into separate jobs (just as a test)?

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Hi Colin,

Yes I did create a new job to backup files of the server in the Domain B, but still I can see that public IP has been used.