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nic driver issue when performing BMR restore for a Windows 2008 R2 client

Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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I'm unable to perform BMR restore on a Win2008R2 client.
When I kicked off a BMR restore job for a Windows 2008 R2 (64bit) machine, the client did boot up using the bundled WinPE but wasn't able to start the network services with the following error msg: "No Network Interfaces found".
Details of my config:
Netbackup Master (incl. Boot server): Windows 2008 R2 on a physical machine
Netbackup version: 7.5.1
Client to be restored: HP BL 460c G7 using HP NC553i Dual Port Flex Fabric 10Gb installed with the same OS edition as the master server.
1. Windows 2008 R2 is listed as one of the supported OS for BMR Client
2. WinPE that is bundled with Netbackup 7.5 is WinPE 2.1 which is equal to Windows 2008. Hence I need Windows 2008 driver for the HP NC553i.
3. When executing BMR's "prepare to restore", NetBackup should be smart enough to pick the best driver for the bundled WinPE.
4. I've added the Windows 2008 version of the NIC into BMRDB via Driver Package Wizard.
My finding so far:
1. Netbackup BMR automatically grabbed the NIC driver from the client during backup process and added that driver to the "devices and drivers" section of the BMR client configuration as an OEM driver. Note that this is a Windows 2008 R2 NIC driver that is NOT compatible with WinPE 2.1.
2. The Windows 2008 version of the NIC driver was already listed on the BMR Management > Resources > Packages section. My expectation was that Netbackup should be smart enough to be able to pickup the Win 2008 version of the NIC as the best driver when I kicked off the "prepare to restore" process. However it picked the Win2008R2 version. I verified this by opening the wim of the SRT and extract: BmrWinPeDrivers.xml. That file said that the OS level of the NIC driver was 6.1 (which is equal to Win2008 R2).
3. I tried to manually force the Win2008 driver to be chosen by creating a copy of the 'current' config and changed the driver on the "devices and Drivers section. However this section only list the driver that is a match to the client's OS which is Win2008R2. Hence I can't add the Win2008 driver.
I've seen similar post on the forum but so far none of the suggestion works. Appreciate if somebody could shed some light on this matter. Cheers
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Hi Lou,

Eventhough you've added the Windows 2008 version of the NIC into BMRDB via Driver Package Wizard, still Win2008R2 driver are being picked up into SRT, because these drivers are latest compared to that of Windows2008 drivers.

To solve you problem, you first perform Prepare To Restore(PTR) using suitable SRT and let it pickup Windows 2008R2 based drivers. Then Add (WinPE2.1 compatible) driver files to the PTR'ed SRT manually by following steps

  1. Select the "Share Resource Tree Administration Wizard" of BMR Boot server assistant
  2. Select the option "Edit Shared Resource Tree" and select the PTR'ed SRT.
  3. On next, Click Explore SRT button, which will show the SRT mounted folder.
  4. Go to the "Symantec\Sre\DriverStore" folder in the SRT mounted path.
  5. You will be able see the folder correspondig to Windows 2008R2 network drivers. Delete this folder.
  6. Create a folder with name of INF file of intended network drivers to be used, Copy the (WinPE2.1 compatible) network drivers files into it.
  7. Close the folder and Select "Save changes when clicked on Next" and then finish.
  8. One can opt for Network Boot or create a Media Boot ISO for restoring the Clients

Note: But with this approach, you may need to repeat every time you do PTR.

If you want to avoid this manual process every time, you may need to follow the similar steps mentioned in below technotes which solve similar problem.