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no 64 bit items (ghost64.exe, gdisk64.exe) on GSS trial?

Created: 20 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

Standard tools, Ghost Solution Suite 2.5x trial, 64 bit?

Re:  getting 64 bit items (ghost64.exe, gdisk64.exe) on Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.x trial on OS Win7Pro 64 bit.

When I go to install the trial of Ghost Solution Suite 2.5x (whatever is currently being offered at the moment, October 2012), all I see are 32 bit components in the list for install.

Can I get a trial including 64 bit components such ad gdisk64.exe?  Or a trial be updated to include 64 bit components after install?  How do I get at the 64 bit components?

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Your forum name suggests you are trying to install DS along with the version of Ghost it comes with. Can you confirm that you are testing the standalone GSS product and not the DS product, as I believe the Ghost versions are different.

Incidentally, unless you are performing "Hot imaging" of a 64 bit client, the imaging process requires only the 32 bit components. So only the client install has any 64 bit content if I recall correctly.

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RE:  hot imaging of 64 bit client, yes;  standalone GSS product

Yes, I am trying to install the standalone GSS product, not the DS product;  previous bad choice of user name.

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Once you have installed the Ghost "server" on your target platform, you should be able to install the Ghost client to your workstation, and this should provide you with the 64 bit client.

The 64 bit support is only required for hot imaging of 64 bit operating systems. Any other form of Ghost "cold" imaging relies on a boot image based on DOS or WinPE to act as the operating system and access the hard disk on the target system, so 32 bit is all that is required, regardless of the operating system installed on the target.

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Keep in mind that the Trial has limitations even when you get these components the image that is created will need to be recreated once you have a licensed version.   I believe that the ability to deploy with the trial has been crippled and I belive that the images created are also crippled so you will need to recreate your image once you have the full product.     Also consider that hot imageing server OS's isn't supported if I recall correctly. 


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