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No Accessible Vaults

Created: 09 Mar 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 8 comments

I just installed EV7.0 and configured two mailboxes to be archived. Mailbox A is set to user decision and Mailbox B is configurated to be archived automatically. when MailBox A user click on the store in Vault Icon in Outlook 2003, a dialog box store in Vault settings is displayed with status : No accessible Vaults.

Same user using Outlook 2007, when clicking store in vault button, no dialogs are displayed and the e-mail icon changed to pending archive with no archiving actions for days. in the event log there are many errors number 8392 and 8302.

mailbox B, all emails are archived.

kindly advice

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TonySterling's picture

Can you have User A do the following:

In your Folder List view, right-click your mailbox and then click Properties.
Click the Enterprise Vault tab.
Uncheck Suspend Enterprise Vault archiving for this mailbox, The setting applies to all folders in your mailbox.

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It sounds like you are using two different clients there or at least using self installing func settings.
The 'full' client will show a dialog box when user archives, where as the self installing func settings, will not prompt the user.

Also remember that the archives that will appear will be based upon the account you are logged into the PC as. So if you are say an admin and open users mailbox, you won't see their archives because it's using your windows logon credentials.

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yes, it starts to archive, but this tab (Enterprise Vault) does not display in Outlook 2007. I unchecked it from Outlook 2003. However, when I press the 'Store in Vault' icon in outlook 2003, the dialog displayed still has in its status 'no accessible vaults' and the vault combo box is empty

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yes I have to computers on my desktop, one with office 2003 and the other with office 2007. as we are upgrading all the 1200 computers in the company with office 2007. I am testing all possible scenarios before the full implementation of the product.
However, I had some emails that have pending Archiving Icon, and when I press 'store in vault' button it displays a message saying that this message had been archived before and cannot be archived again, and when i try to search for this message, i cannot find it in the archived messages in the vault

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do a cancel operations on those pending items and try to re=archive.


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Have you tried to disable the user and then re-enable and set it to immediately begin archiving, not suspended?

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I disabled the user mailbox and enabled it again and nothing happened