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No appendable media could be mounted

Created: 16 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

Dear all friend !

Nearly time, my server using symantec backup have many problem. I can not control and issue, i posted error here, hope every people can help me !

I backup data on server to storage drive ( S:) , S connect to server via USB port. Drive S have 3TB, currently free 1,5TB

Many file backup have error and i deleted it . Now i want full backup but not success,please see image bellow .

1) This error after backup not sucess

Bellow picture that external drive S: , i backup data on S :\VERITAS\B2D . I deleted some file and now have total file.

This Media Set .

This policy to backup , backup full and Diffrentail .

I dont know error ?

Please help me 

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From a command prompt, run "chkdsk s: /f" to see whether there is any error on your S: drive.  Make sure that you use the /f switch so that any errors will be fixed.

You might want to change the USB cable and port as they may be faulty.

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Media Set 1 and Medis Set1 ??
I dont know because i'm new IT staff !

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        Please take a look at the following doc under Solution 2 and see if it is applicable


I hope this posting was helpful


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Make sure your job properties in your templates are selecting Media Set1

and go to Tools > Options > Device and Media> and choose Overwrite recyclable media contained in the targeted media set before overwriting scratch media

Hope this helps

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Dear Donald Eady  !

I sure that solution but error repeat again !

Dear Lmossla !

I sure !

I  choosed :  Overwrite recyclable media contained in the targeted media set before overwriting scratch media

Too tired ! :D

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Few observations from the above screenshots.

1) Media Set 1 has Overwrite Protection Period set as "Do not allow overwrite" and Append Period 

 as "Infinite allow append". This is not a good practice, at some point your destination device will have

no space for new backups if you do not overwrite older backup sets. Whenever backups are targeted

to a disk its recommended to Overwrite the jobs and not to append. So in the Media set 

properties set appropriate OPP ( For eg: If you want to retain data for 7 days than set the OPP as 

7 days so that 8th day onwards older backup sets will be eligle for being overwritten. This will help

you to utilitze disk space in a better way.

2) Check the B2D max file size, from the screenshot its seems you have set a large amount of

B2D file size( there are .bkf files with size between 150-250GB)  which is not recommended.

Set the B2D file size around 20-40GB ,with large size file you may loose all your data if that single

large file goes corrupt. 

If the issue persists try creating a new B2D folder.

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 It looks like there are two media sets: Media Set 1 OPP - Do not allow overwrite , Append Period "Infinite allow append"    and Medis Set1 OPP - 1 Day , Append Period "Infinite allow append"   

kiuem, what version of Backup Exec are you using?