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No client update MR1 German with Client packages

Created: 12 Feb 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 4 comments
Have updated my SEPM to MR1 German. Update end withot any errors. All communication is ok to the clients . Virusdefs. and rules will be updated correct.
If i add the the new client instal package to a client group the clients are not updated. I try to do all like KB article:
 --> Upgrading the Symantec Endpoint Protection clients

Any idea ?? Have start a call to suport team but they also cunfused ??

Would be grat if anybody can help .

Regards from Austria

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nobody an idea ?
has anybody updated his clients successfuly with this method (also on German operationg system) ?
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sorry, can't help you with this issue.
i've also upgraded to german MR1 but i've the additional problem that the clients don't receive virusdefinition updates (although the last check-in date is correctly logged).

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Hi Austria,

It does not seems to be a MR1 German problem, since I'm using the Spanish Version and I'm having exactly the same problem. At the command status windows, says the every client has receive the command, but none of them had the new version......


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Hi Folks.
We had also problems with german Endpoint Protection SEPM Upgrade from RTM to MR1 because the SEPM didn´t download any more virus definitions or anything elso from the symantec server. A support call was unanswered, so we searched for a solution for the download-problem. Manual download of the virus definition from the ftp-server and copy to \data\inbox\content\incoming didn´t work because the file remained there (making only a temp-folder and deleting it again and so on).A reinstall of Liveupdate did not bring the solution but brought an error when trying to reregister, that the file LuSesmContentCatalog.xml had wrong characters. Examining that file we found, that the wrong characters were the german characters ä (ae) ü (ue)  ö (oe) and the "-" .We than replaced this characters in this file with ae ue and oe and the "-" with " " and reregisteres LiveUpdate like written here:
(lucatalog.exe -update).
From then on the server did make the downloads again.
But we also have the problem that the automatic deployment of the clients via "install package to the client group" does not work (in the german version of SEPM). The Clients do not automatically download and install the packages ... just nothing is happening .. no errors, no installations. But here also the command status windows says that commands are not received when I send a "update content"-command.

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