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No of clients per policy

Created: 11 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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Just want to know how many clients we can add to one individual policy. We will have DD990 by this month end with 540 write streams.

We will have approximate 700 VMs and 200 physical servers in the environment. VMs will be backed up using VADP and rest through traditional method.

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I want to know if any limit for maximum clients we can add to one policy. We have reports to find out number of clients per policy which above link explains.

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There is no limit on the number of clients to a individual policy. I have one policy with more than 800 client - working perfect for years.

Make sure you do not start more than 540 write stream on the DD990. The easist way it to limit the number of I/O on the disk pool level.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Thanks Nicolai...
Currently we have DD890 with 180 streams and we have managed with limit I/O on disk pool level.

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As Nicolai Already suggested "There is no limit on the number of clients to a individual policy"

i hope this is what you are looking for  but,

can you provide more details about your existing backup & virtual infrastructure may one of us will give you best & suitable solution according to your environment.

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Before break-up, make sure you have a good backup.....  ;-)