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No Contact permissions when IM is submitted

Created: 03 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi All

I have looked at  incidents coming in from phone supporters, who use "Sumbit Advanced Incident".

What I noticed, was,  there are no permissions for the affected user in proces view.

If the incident is created by SubmitGeneral workflow, there both submitter and affected has the right permissions for the IM.

Anyone can tell me why ? and how to fix it .

INFO : running SD 7.1.1

BR bkcbkc11

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I know for Submit Advanced Incident you need Licence but for the General you dont need licence, maybe this is your problem.

PD: maybe I dont understand your question XD, Try Upload image with the error

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Could you be a bit more specific. What permissions are missing or how did you determine that?

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Hi Again

When I use the SubmitGeneralIncident Workflow to create an incident, I get the submitter and affected user added to the permission webpart in the lower right corner of the process view, plus the relevante supportgroups.

If I submit through the Technician form "Submit Advanced", I only get the support groups added.

So I miss at least the contact / affect user the  go get it process permissions.

Hope this clarify my situation

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Is the affeced user at least added as a contact on the incident? Have you made any changes or modifications to the form? Have you tried re-publishing the form and restarting the server?

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We have found a solution together support, and this is now published in the following KB article.

Basically there will added some permission components to the workflow, you will get from support.