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No drives to Back-Up

Created: 27 Feb 2013 • Updated: 28 Feb 2013 | 8 comments


I'm using SSR2011 and on one workstation (WinXP Pro SP3) with SATA-Drive SSR2011 does not show any drive that can be backed up.

According to I would like to remove the extended partition, but in Windows Disk Management no extended partition is shown.

Any idea how to fix this problem? I do not really understand the content of the attached debug.txt and partinfo.txt.

Can anybody help please?



Removed extended partition with Partition Manager. But still no drives to backup. :-(

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Please refer the attached TechNote.

Hope it helps!!!

TechNote.txt 104 bytes
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Thanks for answering.

Unfortunately this SATA-HDD has 2 partitions, one (C:) with system (WinXP) and the other (D:) with other stuff. Thus, I have two questions:

1.) I cannot backup system partition C: with SSR2011 as it isn't seen by SSR. I think I have to install Acronis or something else to backup partition. Is this right?

2.) Once I have backed up system data C:, how (Software?) am I supposed to re-format system partition?

What would you do?

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Take Backup of your partition C and once you have the backup please go ahead and re-format the system partition.

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did what you said. Re-format of drive c: (with WinXP Install-CD) and then restore of system data with SSRD (which is able to see the HDD-partitions). But in WinXP still no drives to backup!

Is there any hint in debug.txt or partinfo.txt that could help me? I'm not quite sure how to interpret the content...

Do you think that repartitioning of HDD (with different sizes of partitions) could help?

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spent 3 days trying to fix the problem. No success.

Tried Acronis True Image 2013 and - what can I say - it worked without any problem. I'm not really happy being forced to change software, but from Symantec I expected much more.

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You might try the following for drive C:

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That KB article might not be too helpful because shrinking or expanding partitions is not availible in XP disk management.

Since the partitions are visible from the recovery disk and the partinfo looks fine I would have to say the problem may be in windows.

Another thing that points to that is the statement about disk management not showing the extended partition. Partinfo shows it correctly as a 0x0F extended partition.

Reformatting the partition(s) and restoring the image into it isn't going to do any good because even if it was a bad partition, doing a restore into the same partition leaves you with the same problem. Also lets not forget that XP only created cylinder aligned partitions and SSR makes sector aligned partitions so if you allow it to do a restore into unallocated space it almost always will create partitions without errors.