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No longer for existing customers to purchase additional RS licenses?

Created: 19 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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While RS was EOL'd by Symantec 3 years ago and hasn't therefore been available for purchase since, it was agreed that, for various reasons, existing customers could still purchase additional licenses. We last did this a year ago with no problem. However we are now told that this is no longer possible, and we cannot buy any more licenses. Has anyone else experienced this recently, and do you know when this was changed.

Like many an RS customer we don't want to change across to one of the alternatives offered as a replacement. What we have works, gives us more than the alternatives being offered in lieu, while we cannot currently justify the cost of a migration project nor fit it into our current schedules.


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Hi Steve,

The change you are seeing from last year to this year is due to where Recovery Solution is in its EOL lifecycle. It has reached end of availability and end of engineering support and is now in the final months of Partial support which will complete the EOL on Oct 2 of 2013.

The specific EOL timeline and details for Recovery Solution can be found at

Note that the maintenence renewal SKUs are still active for the remaining months of Partial support and can be used to renew access to technical support if desired but only until October when all support for RS ends.
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Hi Bryan

Ok - and not OK!

When the product was EOL'd back in 2010 it became unavailable, both to new and existing customers. However it was then agreed to allow existing customers to continue to purchase licenses with no clear indication when this would be stopped. The EOL statement seemed to go through various iterations while there were new releases made that in effect extended the useful life of the product some way beyond the official EOL.

I have/had many RS customers. It was a product that served their needs extremely well and it was a great shame when it was EOL'd. For most it has been impossible to justify the expense and time of unertaking a new implementation project to one of the inferior products offered by Symantec in lieu.

In this case I have one customer for whom the product will serve their needs for several more years yet, even without any further development or support. They just need a few more licenses for some new additional systems...