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No media in the drive

Created: 10 Dec 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
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hi guys,
 Running BE12 on a Win 2003 server. HP Proliant server with a one slot internal tape drive.

I have run a successful backup before but since that I did two things, I labelled all the tapes with the Backup Exec function and I physically added stickers on the front of the tapes accordingly with names.

Now, is that where I messed up?, putting a sticker on top of the bar code on the tapes? Does BE actually use those bar code stickers on the front of the tapes for inventory?

If not, any tips why Backup Exec doesn't recognised that there is tapes in the drive?

All labelled media tapes are in the scartch media set.

Any help please


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The barcodes are usually for a 'robotic library', where you have a drive that can hold several tapes.

Since your drive only holds one, it's probably not that big a deal.  To be safe, why not start with a blank new tape with no label.

Insert the tape, go to the device and media tab and right click on the tape drive.  Choose Inventory, and let that job run (should be under a minute).  Now, right click again and choose Label.  Give it a name like "Friday1" or "MonthlyBackup".  This should run quickly as well.  Then Choose Inventory again if you don't see the name change.

If this is all working fine, then you should be in good shape for your other tapes as well.  Although, I'd peel the labels off if they're covering anything

Hope this helps



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Could be that it's trying to read a partial bar-code with that sticker on it. shirmal is correct in asking you to remove the stickers.
If what he suggests above doesn't work, check the usual hardware:

1. SCSI cable is securely connected to the server and the tape drive.
2. Any errors on the tape drive? If so, what are they?
3. Get hold of HP Library and Tape Tools (HP LTT) and run the diagnostics against the tape drive to eliminate any hardware issues.


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