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No option to select Microsoft Hyper-V servers on new Backup Job

Created: 15 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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After a recent review of our Hyper-V backups it has become apparent that we cannot restore to a granular level.

This led to me looking at the best practice of backing up Hyper-V.  From the Symantec support pages and various forums it look slike we should have the Hyper-V agent installed on the hosts as we do and RAWS agents on the vm's.  Then I am looking for the little expandable header that reads Microsoft Hyper-V.  This is missing and not available to me.

We are on Backup Exec 2010 R3.1

The easiest way to explain this is probably with this picture from the symantec website page detailing how to perform VM backups.  In this picture, listed under the backup server and below Shadow Copy Components is Microsoft Hyper-V.  This is what I am missing.  Any help is hugely appreciated.


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If you are attempting a GRT restore, then in the restore selections, beneath the MS Hyper-V node, there would be another node(s) for the VMs themselves...and if you select them you can do a GRT restore, else if you select the VMs from the Hyper-V node, it would be a restore of only complete vhds.

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Thanks VJware.  Problem is I have no Hyper-V node.  The picture I posted is from the Symantec site.  This is how my BE console looks when selecting new backup/restore job.  From what I understand I would expect to see the MS Hyper-V node on this page assuming we have the agents installed correctly.  Am I right in thinking that?

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Many thanks, I will take a look.  It doesnt look like the VHD mount tool is installed so I will install that now.

Is the Hyper-V agent installed.  I am unsure which is a terrible answer I know.  We purchased the agent and a previous employee installed it.  Is that always the case.  I am trying to track down the license key now.

Take a look at these screenshots and one screen suggests it isnt installed but when i click next then the screen suggests it is installed.  This has confused me hugely.

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Checked with Symantec Licensing Dept and we are not licensed for the Hyper-V Agent.  I think my colleague has installed the trial agent once upon a time and Backup Exec has got itself in a twist over wheter it is installed or not.  I am currently getting quotes for the agent.

Thanks for your help VJware.