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No Selection available backup exec 20122 r3

Created: 08 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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i am backing up exchange server 2003 SP2 mailboxes. when i tried to restore the mailboxes it says no selection is available

Backup completed successfully everyday. 

I can see the selection till date 27 march but after 27th march Backup Completed sucessfully but selection list shows nothign. i can not expand the date after 27th march.

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In the restore screen, ensure the date filters (beginning backed up date and ending backup date) is not checked or if checked, allow a larger date range.

If the date filters are appropriate, look for the media from the job log for the specifed date. Locate the media and confirm it has not been overwritten. Catalog the media as well and recheck the restore selections.

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Please see the file attached for problem

BEISSUE.docx 108 KB
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Do you receive any error when you actually try to click on the restore selection ?

If the backup sets are on tape, can you duplicate to disk & recheck.

Lastly, was any change made in the backup job such as disabling GRT ?

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Hello Winny,

    From the screenshot I can observe that the Exchange 2003 backups are snapshot backups. We do no recommend to take snapshot backups of databases due to many limitations as mentioned in the following technote:  : Limitations of snapshot backup of Exchange 2003 databases

So ensure that the Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) is disabled in the backup job properties in  Exchange backups.

If the backups for which the selection is not seen are taken on tapes then duplicate the backups to disk and see if the mailboxes are seen for restore. This issue is usually seen if the account used for the backups does not have proper rights to take the GRT backup of Exchange.

Please refer to the following technote for checking the rights to the account. 



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!