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No unacknowledged notifications in the last 24 hours

Created: 19 Jan 2011 • Updated: 31 Jan 2011 | 10 comments

Anybody know how to fix this: Under Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition on the home screen i'm getting "Security Status: ATTENTION NEEDED"  "No unacknowledged notifications in the last 24 hours"

I would like to clear this notification. And does this mean I have no notifications that I havn't acknowledged??? why would the absence of no acknowledged notifications warrant a notification??

Very confused, can anyone help?

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Is there any data when you click the "View Details" to the right of ATTENTION NEEDED?

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That brings up "Security Status Details" and there are a bunch of categories such as: "Auto-Protect Failures" and Network Threat Protection Failures" but all of them have green checkboxes.

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Hi. You can always hide the problem & make things look green.   cheeky

Simply edit the Preferences for the console. Click the red circled link.

Then fiddle with these numbers until everything is green & to your liking.

Remember that these settings are user specific. They need to be set for every user on every pc that the user logs into. Big PITA, no Standards enforcement.

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Is the red highlited section your problem?

Then your answer lies with the <<Back link next to the green arrow.

Click the <<Back link and you should get to the filters section. Change your Time range to 'Past year' and your Acknowledged Status 'Not acknowledged' as per the below. Then clear all found notifications. that should sort it.

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Thanks for the suggestions. It says "No notifications" even when I select the years range of "all notifications" or "not acknowledged". Whats wierd is that when i click to view details all the subcategories are green and ok except the home screen which is red saying "security status: attention needed" "No unacknowledged notifications in the last 24 hours". I even went into preferences\security status and unchecked all the boxes hit ok and I STILL have the the "attention needed" flag. I may have to call symantec on this one? any other ideas for me to try? 

update: I noticed on the "details" list at the bottom it says: The test for Unknown Device Failures has been disabled.  Not sure if that could be the culprit?

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These unacknowledged notifications are because you have setup an unmanaged detector on each subnet. These notifications mean that the unmanaged detector has detected unmanaged client on your subnets so that you can install sep client on them.

You can click where it says "NO unaknowledged notifications in the last 24 hours" and it should take you to the notifications

its actually the device failure  has been disabled message.

If you have enabled unmanaged detector, remove it from unmanaged detector role.update the policy and make it unmanaged detector again, this will clear the logs and the message :)

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that answer sounds like the right track although I don't have a unmanaged detector setup and it is not an available option when I right click on a client under "computers". The only options available are: Delete, Move, Run command on computers, and Edit Properties. It's also not an available option under "tasks" when i select a client. How do I enable a unmanaged detector?

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So I opened a ticket (after waiting 30 min on hold) with tech support. Apparently the problem is more complicated then I thought. SEP 12 Small Business Edition doesn't include a unmanaged detector except mine thinks I do and its disabled? Which is causing the error. Anyway they had me use the support tool to record some data and send it to them so they can figure out a solution to my problem. I'll post the solution they give once I get it.

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This was their response, apparently no fix for this problem:

"I wanted to provide an update to you on this case. The issue you are seeing with the Home page showing "Security Status: ATTENTION NEEDED" and the View Details window reporting "The test for Unknown Device Failures has been disabled." is actually a product defect. This issue occurs when, after initial installation of the Protection Center, the options under Preferences are all unchecked, saved, then re-checked and saved again.

 At this time, there is no fix or work-around for the specific issue, however, since this is a product defect, I have notified the Development team of your case and your name will be added to the list of people reporting this specific issue in their network."

Thanks to all who tried to help!