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NODE1: Unable to build cache for domain [ DOMAIN ]. Data collection will not proceed.

Created: 21 Oct 2013 • Updated: 21 Oct 2013 | 7 comments

Hi all,

I have a problem regarding this error in CCS 11. Testing in lab.

2 agents installed on 2 win2008 server. 1app server and 1 ccs_man.

Map view is ok, i can import agets and setted assets, standards and all.

Data collection completed but no collection as per the subject error.

I followed this thread

discussion, made all the update necessary, the PU, the SCU, and finally the QF.

No change.

I tried both form of cache credential, domain\user and

No success, any suggestions ?

I also have a couple of pc with agents but not in a domain ( 1 XP adn 1 seven )

No result either. Should i use workgroup\administrator or machine\administrator  ?

Can i share a user for this operation on non domain windows machine ? like forexample workgroup\myuser ?


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If you have agents, you shouldn't need credentials to collect from those machines.

Are you scoping your DC job to the agents?

(to answer your other question: it needs to be: machine\user, assuming this is CCS 11 Agentless data collection... and that user must be "administrator")

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Hi Matt,

Thansk for answer, can you explaine better please?

I found in the guide that i need a windows domain cache user for asset in domain to collect data.

And this is the error i got trying to collect data.

Maybe i'm a bit confused abut it.



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CCS 11

I could collect data and evaluate form a windows 7 machine with workgroup\user ( administrator user ).

I'd like to know how to collect agent less from a linux machine ( raw message )?

I created a user in the linux machine. Asset, standard, but i got a no DPS configured for it possible to colelct data from unix\linux machine without enabling ESM ?

One more thing, in agent less colelction, but for windows domain machine, i need to use a domain user also local administrator ?

Thanks a lot


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- For UNIX/Linux, you certainly don't need to use ESM, and I'd recommend against it. ESM has been "End of Life'd" by Symc. You can do agentless or agent-based for UNIX.

- For Windows, yes, the best method is: domain user with local administrator on all target machines.

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For Linux, I would recommend the Agent based approach.  The latest CCS Agent for Unix is the most up to date "ESM Agent", but it now supports "Raw Data Collection".  You can find instructions on how to install the agent in the CCS Planning and Deployment Guide or the CCS User Guide.   If you choose to go Agentless on the Unix machine, please be aware that you will need to have either a root equivalent account or an account that can use sudo or su to execute commands as root. As Matt said previously, you shouldn't need to enable the "ESM Collector" unless you are doing Message based standards.

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Thanks to all,

i will soon report back if it's a good solutions.

Envinronment should be of both linux and windows clients agent-less.

Windows machine most probably domain machine.

Linux machine, i 'll create a common user in the sudoers to collect data.

No message based.

Maybe some windows machine with Agent.

One more question: in agent-less, for windows domain machine in a domain different than CCS-Manager and App server, the users to collect data must be of the domain of the clients ?



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You can collect data from machines in multiple domains from a single manager.  You just have to make sure that the correct credentials exist for the assets and that there is a network path from the manager to the assets.  My client's current setup we are collecting from 3 different domains from multiple managers in the primary domain.  The Domain Cache will need to be built for each domain that you plan to connect to, but the manager does that in the background and it shouldn't take too long unless the domain is huge.