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NOM to OpsCentre upgrade advice

Created: 24 Jul 2012 | 5 comments


I am looking to upgrade NOM to OpsCentre, curretly the solution is on NBU 6.5.6 which i will be upgrading to very soon. Reading the OpsCentre admin guide it states "the NetBackup Master server should be at the same or lower level than OpsCentre" - So it would be wise for me to upgrade OpsCentre first then do the NBU estate.

I have also read that i need to upgrade to OpsCentre 7.0 or 7.1 first before upgrading to 7.5. However in the Admin guide for OpsCentre 7.5 i cannot see any specifics for upgrading to 7.5. For Windows i can only see about upgrading to 7.0.1. Im guessin this would mean upgrade to OpsCentre 7.0.1 then 7.5? Its left me a little confused.

Any advice?



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As per OpsCenter 7.5 Guide,

If you have Veritas Backup Reporter (VBR) or NetBackup Operations Manager (NOM) and want to upgrade to OpsCenter 7.5, you must first upgrade to OpsCenter 7.0.x or 7.1.x. You cannot upgrade directly from VBR or NOM to OpsCenter 7.5.

I would advice to upgrade to OpsCenter 7.1 first and then to OpsCenter 7.5.

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If you dont want to miss any data then you probably want to do the OpsCenter upgrade 1st. I'd suggest you time it so that the NBU upgrade follows soon after because to collect from NBU 6.5.6 OpsCenter needs to use an agent which is slower and not as reliable (in my experience).  

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Hi Jaikullar,

        Have you done it successfully? I also need advice as I am upgrading from NOM6.5.3 to OpsCenter7.1.0.3. I have 6 different sites location, So in that case if I have Ops Center Server & Agent on the same server in one site, will that work ? If yes, do I need to to do 2 consecutive installation on that server (i.e OpsCenter Server intallation and then Agent Installation)?

      Thanks in Advance...


**** Anuj

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Hi Jay,

Please look into the below Link.

The Link contains many documnet for pilot anlysis for opscenter from NOM,Known issues,etc.,

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Do you have purging enabled on your NOM server?

The reason I ask, is that, if you do have puring enabled, lets say 30 / 60 / or 90 days, then I highly suggest starting a clean 7.5 install, then upgrading to OpsCenter

If you do not retain information that long, then perhaps a clean 7.5 install would be the best option.

Upgrading from NOM to OpsCenter can be performed, however there will be multiple steps involved, and I recommend confirming each step to ensure the upgrade has completed.

If you have any questions, please let us know!


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