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Created: 09 Jul 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

Ok, im not sure what happened.. of course downloading, yet im pretty safe, i have 2009 norton.. with all the bells and whistles.

but when i was downloading a bittorrent, i got somethign weird it asked me for..

well now, my notron wont scan, it says its scanning, but its not running its numbers, just keeps saying scanning, but its not.. I did however go into safemode, it worked there, well did a small scan of course, only found a small tracker..
-went back into normal vista mode.. and still norton wont scan and show file#'s its scanning through.. .

second.. which i assume its invovled..

when i go to go into explore this pops up

" globalroot\systemroot\system32\MSIVXmloynnhyvrqbvwhiacikxpqurwtoramv.dll

then says somethign about graffics..

but im very worried about my norton and why it wont work.. i rather not unistall it, as i got it online, and would be more then a hassel then having the cd...

but anyone can help me what to do.. details would be great.. i know somewhat about computers.. but not crazy worded details. just something easy i can follow.. hope this helps out other people too

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Please visit the Norton users forum for your product.

This Forum is for the Symantec Enterprise products.

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