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Norton Ghost 14 Recovery Disk Problem

Created: 16 Apr 2008 • Updated: 03 Nov 2010 | 12 comments
I got a blue screen of death when I tried to create a Symantec Recovery Disk using Norton Ghost 14.0.  I use Windows XP - SP2.   I had this problem twice.  For the 2nd attempt I turned off Zone Alarm, Spyware Doctor and disconnected my Internet connection.  All were on fir the 1st attempt.  The error message on the first attempt did say I should turn off all virus software which could interfere.
The message appearing on the blue screen of death is: Stop: 0X00000024.
Otherwise Norton is running fine as I did a full "C" drive backup and a File and Folder backup.  I did have to turn off copying bad sectors to get through the full "C" drive backup without any errors.  Thus, it is possible that bad sectors on my hard disk may be interfering with the creation of the Recovery Disk.
I placed the original Norton Ghost 14 System disk in the CD Drive and exited its splash screen after it activated.  I ran the Create Recovery Disk process from my Norton Ghost 14 on my hard drive.  Maybe I should have not exited the Norton startup splash screen.
When I ran the process, program said I had drivers missing from the original Norton disk and said I should create a Symantec Recovery Disk.
Is there anything I should do here to make it work?
Thanks in advance for any help you can render.

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Are the drivers being reported missing from within the Recovery Disk directly related to specific hardware devices like a disk controller or network interface card or of devices in which was created from a software application like a VPN nic? You may want to use the MSCONFIG utility to selectively startup your system when you are attempting to create a custom recovery disk to be sure no security software services or startup items interfer in the creation process.
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   When I started the "Create Recovery Disk" process, I did get a message that some drivers were missing from the Recovery Disk.  I was using the Norton Ghost System Disk.  The specific drivers were not mentioned.  The message recommended that I create another Recovery Disk.
   I did have Zone Alarm and Spyware Doctor disabled from the system.
   However, I did have a defective DVD drive at the time.  Today a Dell Representative came and replaced the drive and it now works fine.  Could that defective DVD drive have been responsible?  I was running the Norton Ghost 14.0 System disk from my other CD drive.  I was unable to use that DVD drive at the time.  I also ran a Disk Check and it found no bad sectors.
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I do have a Bluetooth Network running for separate bluetooth speakers.  Could this be the problem?  I also have a Cable Network running to access the Internet.
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I have both my CD drive (D) and DVD drive (E) working properly now.  I placed a blank CD in "D" and the Norton Ghost 14 System Disk in "E."  I then ran the "Create Recovery Disk" process and got this screen:
I have some questions on the process.  Why do I have to insert the Norton Ghost 14 System disk at all?  Why can't I just create the Symantec Recovery Disk from my PC with just a blank CD in one of the drives?
As I remember, the process REQUIRED that I first insert the Norton Ghost 14 System disk and than analyzed it for missing drivers.  Then it proceded but never did instruct me to insert a blank CD or locate where that blank CD was inserted.
I believe there is something I am missing from this process.  Dave or someone else from Symantec please elaborate.
Thanks in advance for you help.
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I do not have Roxio, Nero or any disk writing program installed other than Media Monkey which can only write music disks (Wave or MP3).  Thus, Norton Ghost 14 was unable to write a second SRD.  However, I tested my original SRD which came with the package.  I is able to boot and locate the Recovery Point.
Thus, everything is working fine.
Its too bad no one else here is commenting, however.
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The original disk is required for the 'Source' files.  During the SRD create screens, it should give you an option to 'Burn to CD' and/or 'Create an ISO file'.  I usually recommend to create the ISO file then use a third party CD burning software to burn to CD.
The BSOD that you experienced is interesting.  However, i have seen this BSOD happen when (1) there is a hardware problem relating to a CD/DVD burner (2) installation issue with the CD/DVD burning software (3) missing CD/DVD burning software.  If there are multiple CD/DVD burners in the machine, any one of them could be the cause.  If you do not have a CD/DVD burning software install, download a trial version of Nero for testing.  If you do not want to install trialware CD burning software, use BURN CDCC ( or CDBurnerXP (  Both are free downloads.
If you continue to have BSOD issues when trying to create a Custom SRD, then there is likely a driver/file conflict relating to the CD/DVD drives and/or burning software.
Rich L
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hello Rich


i have same problem when creating custom recovery disk, blue screen just after all the files are copied to temp dir. i have no problem using my burner with file manager or media player so why is there problem with ghost 14? do you guys plan to fix this? i just want <reliable> disk images and i don't think it should be me experimenting and fixing this after i paid $70 for the product.


and one easy question: is it possible not launch ghost on windows startup if i want it to run only when i want to do backup? if so how?




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Ghost 14 like Backup Exec System Recovery 7, 8, and 8.5 uses GEAR services as a medium between the program and hardware like optical devices. If we are blue screening when attempting to write to a blank disk BESR is likely conflicting with another software driver. If you like to track this I would call into support and open a support ticket.

As for stopping Ghost 14 from running and to only run when you want to create a backup, I would stop and disable the VPROSVC.EXE equivalent service in windows services, and remove the VPROTRAY.EXE from your windows run line and/or use the MSCONFIG utility to select that it does not start upon boot. When you want to create a backup simply re-enable the service and process, reboot, and once the system is backup create your backup image. Ghost 14 like Backup Exec System Recovery is designed for schedule frequent backups to be sure that the system can be brought back from the most current working state before the disaster.

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Because this is a Norton product, this thread should be created on the Norton Community. Click Here to see the difference between the commercial and consumer versions of Ghost.

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I am trying to use Norton Ghost 14.0 to backup my C: drive onto a Seagate FreeAgent 500GB external drive.  I get an error message during the create backup recovery point of "No recognizable NTFS file system".  Also, I get an error message of e0bb01a3runningjob.  Any help out there?

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I just bought Norton Ghost 14. I've got Norton Internet Security 2010 loaded and running. I've got a Samsung S2 Portable 500GB external drive that I want to save my image to. Are there any issues that I should be on the lookout for. I ran across this thread and want to be prepared for any potential problems. I'm running XP ver. 5.1 SP3 on a Dell Optiplex 745. My C:/ drive reports 49.3GB used and 183GB free, with 232GB capacity. I really need to get a good image so I can restore Office apps like Outlook, AutoCAD 2002, Adobe CS2, etc. I was given the machine and haven't had luck getting the giver to give me the original Windows disks and the disks with the other apps. I can't afford to make any mistakes.

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I wat to create a recovery disk for my Norton Ghost 14. In the wizard for CD creation, it asks for a location for the recovery disc and choose my CD/DVD burner drive but I then get a message that the specified path is not valid. How should I make a recovery disk?

Thanks for your helps in advance,