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Not Able To Add Active Directory User to PCAnywhere Settings

Created: 09 Jul 2013 | 7 comments


    I was wondering what I am missing. I go into pcAnywhere Settings - Windows, Authentication and choose Active Directory. The problem I am running into is there are no options for domain, users, groups or anything. I found this article which does explain the issue we are having but none of the options have helped out.  However Solution 9 where it talks about creating a new host.  When I follow those steps I'm not able to see our AD environment just the local NT Local Machine settings of our SMP server.

     Is there any other settings I should be looking at.  There is currently one AD user listed which is the account we created as the smpadmin.  Just can't add any other AD users or admins.

     We are using Symantec Management 7.1 with PCAnywhere 12.6


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Hi oscarc619,
Please check Altiris server is Synchronization with AD or not.

Go to the Action-> Discover --> Import Microsoft Active Directory

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I'm currently not importing AD. I did one import and did not want to keep synching it.  I was told that would be ok to do.

That dll fix was says for version 12.5 as we have 12.6 that is supposed to have been included.

I went ahead and contacted symantec and just awaiting a call back from them.  Thanks for the suggestions.

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HI Oscarc619,

with out AD synching how can add the AD user in pcanywhere.

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there is no need for AD synching for setting up pcanywhere. Often there is a problem that the computer browser service is not started (I guess on a standard w2k8 installation this services is disabled per default) and so the smp is not able to look around the network. The condition for this to work is that the smp must be a member of the domain. Every member of a domain has a read access to this domain. You already wrote that

didn't helped. So the last option would be symantec call.


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Symantec Support tried some stuff out but also couldn't get it working.  They had another article but it looked pretty complicated so we just went ahead and are using PCAnywhere authentication instead.  Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

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I've had this issue where one of my domains is there some days and not others. The article above has been recently updated to provide a workaround to the issue. It adds a new option under the authentication tab called "Add Caller". This will allow you to force add an entry in Domain\UserOrGroupName format. The last step 6d was a little unclear but you actually copy the patched version of Symantec.pcA.dll over the top of the one in "C:\Windows\assembly\gac_msil\symantec.pcA\12.6.8096.0__fd4c455122b77259". This has provided a workaround for me until the problem can be resolved.