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Not able to Enable FSA Reporting data collection

Created: 22 Sep 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi All,

I am trying to enable FSA Reporting for our File Server Archiving servers but when I try to enable it from Vault Console I get the following Error:

Failed to enable FSA Reporting on File Server.

Reason: Failed to save the data collecting information. No database changes will be saved.

Simultaneously, following error is generated on the Event Viewer:

Access denied. User is not in a role that allows '{DIR} Can administer Enterprise Vault'.
Operating Systems:

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Do you have anonymous authentication enabled on FSAreporting IIS Virtual directory? Try disabling anonymous access and try again.

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Anonymous authentication is disabled for FSAreporting Virtual Directory

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Are you logged in as different user account? Can you try with Vault Service Account?

The user account you are using seems not having required permissions in RBA.

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ASP.NET impersonation was disabled, so I enabled it. After that, I was successfully able to enable collections.

However, I am not able to run manual Reporting Data scan. On the Targets pane, the File server shows "Reporting Enabled" status but still I am not able to see if it is scanning.

Is there any way to find if the Reporting scan was successful or failed or still running?

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Hi Sujith,

I found following article which is similar to following issue.

Event ID 4216 User is not in a role that allows '{DIR} Can administer Enterprise Vault'.



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Did you sort this out? If so can you please either flag a posting above as the solution or post some additional info so we can help you. Marking postings as being resolved helps to target the resouces where they are most required.