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Not able to login to SCSP console

Created: 19 Dec 2013 | 6 comments


I've recently installed SCSP 5.2.9 on Server 2003.

It was installed properly.

First I installed server and then console.

But after the installation, when I tried to login I'm not able to do so.

So I uninstalled everything.

But now when I'm trying to install it again, it's taking the existing database instance.

How can I delete that instance so that I can start everything fresh.

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Uninstalling everything is bit rash.  Kind of the 'atomic bomb' approach. :)

If you have more problems with the login, let us know.  There's plenty of good guidance here.  It was probably something simple like a password that didn't meet complexity requirements.

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If you don't start with a new instance, you will need to clean up the old database items.  Delete the Database files.  Do a search in the filesystem for SCSPDB* and remove all that you find.  My install has:


Also, you will need to delete the CSP Instance Logins (located in [InstanceName}>Security>Logins).  These (by default) are:


If the installer finds any of these residual items when you go to reinstall, then the reinstall will fail.

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Here is a good DR article vgiving various Dr scenarios

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The most common reason I come across when I cannot log into CSP after an upgrade or reboot, is the services did not start properly. Usually restarting them resolves the issue (specifically Symantec Critical System Protection Server service)

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Muydess is correct.  

If the SCSP Server Service will not stay running, then check the Windows Event Logs for a Java -1 error.  If you find that, then let us know, there are several things that can cause the java -1 situation (database connection/password incorrect, out of transaction log space, database/instance not running, corruption of server.xml file or catalina properties).

Note that it can take up to 30 seconds for the service to timeout and show that it is stopped -- so start the service, wait a little, then refresh the services.msc window.

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