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not able to restore single file from lotus notes using netbackup

Created: 22 Nov 2013 • Updated: 24 Nov 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi All,

I m new for netbackup, So my oppologies if some mistakes in writing..

i m using netbackup 7.5 on a windows 2008R2 physical server and taking backup of lotus notes which is virtual machine of suse linux 11 64bit.

i m able to restore a single file from linux but when i m trying the same for lotus notes it's giving error 2820 Vmware policy error.

guys can you put some light on this issue...

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Please tell us more about your Lotus Backup - are you using Notes agent policy or VMware policy?

What is your backup selection for Notes backup?

Show us screenshots of resore attempt.

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remeber that U should set the Environment Variables. 

note.ini and a few others that u might need

and the most important, listen to Marianne, she is the best pearson U should ever imagine helping U,

Claudio Veronezi Mendes
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Thanks Marianne for your response..

I m using vmware policy to backup this lotus notes server as it's a virtual machine with suse linux 64 bit..

whole machie is backing up fine and restoring fine..but only while restoring single mail nsf file this problem is coming..

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If you look at NetBackup 7.5.0.x for VMware Administrator's Guide

you will see that Lotus Notes is not supported to be included with Virtual machine backup.
Only Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint Server. is supported on Wimdows hosts.
You will also see that SYMCquiesce is needed for Linux servers.
It will probably be best to install NBU client in Linux VM and perform proper Lotus Notes policy backup.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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Not wise to use VMware to backup stuff like Notes.  Use the Lotus Notes agent/API backups. as described in the relevant manual.  See .

Running a VMware on a Notes server during compaction could hang/crash all servers that are sharing the datastore where the VMware snapshot created for the backup resides.   Compaction cause a lot of disk blocks to change -> very large snapshot -> full datastore = death  + ( you being beaten up by Service Delivery and/or business owners plus the VMware people)

A couple of suggestions:

If you haven't enabled Lotus Notes Transaction Logging for mail do it.  Otherwise every diff or cumulative is going to be like a full backup.  If a person just receives or sends one mail their whole mailbox is backed up, transaction logging prevents that.

Verify if attachments are compressed. The default is LZ1 compression which may impact deduplication appliances.  I.E monitor deduplication rates. 

Backups with DAOS enabled is not well documented in NetBackup. It doesn't need to be, there a good technote this in Lotus Notes Land - basically is a regualr windows or standard backup.

Do not not inluded the transaction logs and the transaction log directive in the same policy.  It will crash Lotus Notes.