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Not Applicable(Media Full)

Created: 14 Nov 2012 | 5 comments

Hi All

We  are experiencing a strange issue at one of our cleint  sites 

We are using Backupexec 2010 R3 Small business edition to backup a Microsoft Small business serevr 2008 box

Full backups are made to 5 Sony tapes ( 1 tape per day)  with 200/400 capacity on a Quantum LTO3 tape drive.

As of recently apart from one tape all 4 tapes finishes the backups successfully and one tape is getting ejected during the packup process saying Not Applicable(Media Full).Please refer the atached picture for more details

Initially we thought that this is a fault with the tape so we replced the tape with a brand new one which managed to solve the issue for a couple of weeks but now the issue is back.

Any suggestion would be greatly appericiated.



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Is the tape always in the Tuesday media set?  Check your Overwrite and Append periods.  see here for some good information on this.

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If you are referring to the tape in the Retired Media Set (4th tape from the top), then right-click on it and associate it with another media.  You  cannot write to a media in the Retired Media Set.

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Hi Imosa/Pkh

Many thanks for your reply

Imosla, yes its the tuesday media set but not always.It works for a week or two then this issue arises.

Main backup is set to overwrite the tape and another backup is configured  to backup MS Exchange backup but this will get appended to the tape once the main backup is completed.

Pkh , i m not refreing to the retired media.This is the previous tuesday tape which we initially thought that could be faulty.



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I presume you are writing the same aount of data to the Tue. tape as the other tapes and it is filling up. whereas the other tapes do not.  In this case, it could be that the tape is bad and there are a lot of unwritable areas which reduces the capacity.  If it is an old tape, I would suggest that you replace it.  Otherwise, you may have gotten a bad new tape and it would be returned for an exchange.

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Do you have any errors in Windows Events System logs during the time of the failed backups?

Event ID's 5,7,9,11,15 errors often point to hardware issues.