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Not importing user ... because it is in a managed domain

Created: 19 Jan 2012 | 1 comment


I tried to import a cached key and at first the following error appears:

There were errors importing the cached key into the system.

In Administration Log there are a more detailed entry:

- Cannot import cached key [CachedKey:2716befb-515d-4902-9881-86d3b557c612]

- Not importing user "Name <>" (KeyID: 0x7A49A052) because it is in a managed domain

What is the problem? I simpy want to import an external user key. In Managed Domains there are only listed two internal domain names. The domain name from the external user does not equal with the entries in Managed Domains. So I don't understand the error message.

Does anybody have a tip for me?

Thanks in advance,


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Julian_M's picture

Universal thinks this user is already in internal managed domains, not sure which value is considering.

Probably email, or keyid of external user is the same as in the managed domain.

Search these values in Keys list and Users list

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