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not my bandwidth!

Created: 24 Mar 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments

In my situation i have about 300 clients in remote locations.

I don't want them to pull their virus definitions from my SEPM server and clog up my precious bandwidth at the corporate office.

Why cant i just let them connect to the web and get their own updates like any other stand alone product?

Everyone keeps giving me a different answer.  Someone pointed me to live update administrator.  It seems to need alot more configuration and time than should be necessary for what i want to accomplish. 

I'm losing patience

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Xiao_Tommy's picture

How about assigning a GUP to one of your groups of clients?

The GUP enabled client will be the dispersal point for the rest of the clients you specify.
The clients will still contact the SEPM, but the SEPM will then tell the clients to pull the updates from the GUP you have assigned for them.

Eoghan ODonnell's picture
Well there are several options. remote clients can look for updates from SEPM, LUA or directly from the internet. If the concern is controlling the availability of updates within the managed environment, then LUA is probably most appropriate. If control is not a concern, but bandwidth is, well again LUA can be deployed to place distribution center locations in your network topology where it is most appropriate to cluster a group of end points to pull from  a single location. In the near future LUA will also allow bandwidth consumption to be configured with respect to distributing updates to distribution center locations