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Created: 18 Sep 2012 | 3 comments

I recently set up notification and I have a strange problem.  When I set up the recipients and hit test they got an email and when I chose one of my smaller nightly jobs and click :Run Now when it finishes they get the email,  But when the jobs run normally as scheduled they don't get an email.  Any ideas what the problem might be or where I should start looking.  The emails are being sent through a external SMTP server (verizon)

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If the test emails are received successfully, this means Backup Exec is able to send out email notifications (i.e. notificaiton config itself seems to be fine)

Go to your backup job properties and check the notificaiton configuration and settings. Make sure the Recipients are added correctly and that send notification box is checked.

Also, go to Tools - Alert Categories (for Backup Exec 2010 R3 and prior versions) - scroll through the list and make sure notifications are enabled for the required type of Alerts.

btw, what BE versions are you referring to?

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I am using 2012.  I just upgraded.  I wasn't using notification before.  I do get a email if I do a run now on one of the jobs that are in the regular schdule, but not if they run as scheduled.  Is there a setting for this?

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1. Go to the Backup and Restore tab

2. Right click on the Backup Job in questions - Edit Backup

3. Click on Edit under Backup section (right)

4. Select Notification under Backup Options

5. Are any Recipients selected? If not, than select one and click Ok

Also check if "Send Notification to the following recipients" for the required Alert Category is configured properly:

1. Click on Backup Exec button

2. Configuration and Settings - Alerts and Notifications - Alert Categories

3. Scroll through the list of Alert types and configure recipients for the required type of alerts.