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Created: 18 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments
I'd like to set up a particular notification, but can't figure it out.  Hopeing somebody here can lend some guidance.
I have several remote employees who only occasionally connect to our LAN through VPN, not an uncommon thing for mid-sized on up businesses.  I would like to know when they connect.  Unfortunately, our VPN solution doesn't have a notification ability.  Within a a few minutes after connecting, these clients connect to our SEPM server and icon on the clients section of the console goes from faded/no dot to green dot. 
In Monitors>Notifications is it possible to set a notification to alert me when a specific client changes from unconnected to connected?  If so, what would the condition settings be?
PS:  To any Symantec employee who might see this, a couple of months ago I asked about a notification for when the SEPM server downloads new definitions from LiveUpdate.  I was told that ability didn't currently exist, but the Symantec support gentleman I talked to thought it would be a very useful thing to have and said he would put in a feature request for it to be added.  Feel free to check up on this.  :)

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Hi Scott,
I don't think this is currently possible, but I'm sure you've exhausted all the obvious notifications already. Only one that looks like it may do it is 'Client List Changed'. Looking in the Admin Guide there is not much detail on this other than 'Click Client List Changed Notification to receive a message when the client list in a group changes'. This probably means when a client is added/removed, but I guess it could also mean when a client is online/offline?
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I setup the above notification yesterday and it notified me when my laptop connected this morning. I set the damper to 1 hour so I didn't get flooded with emails, but if you set it to auto then you should be notified immediately when clients come online. Below is an example. As you can see it doesn't provide much detail, but if you set the focus on a group of just laptops/workstations, then I guess it would suffice.

Number of clients changed: 1.  Changes could be that a client was added, moved, renamed, or deleted, Unmanaged Detector status changed, client mode changed, or the hardware changed.