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Created: 29 Sep 2008 • Updated: 31 Jul 2013 | 2 comments

Ok I've got a question on the specs and design of the NS. We have 8 sites with roughly 6000 PCs reporting back to a single NS server. Right now if someone runs a complicated query the server is brought to its knees or if there is a small "hiccup" the server will spike and the event logs will back up. What is everyones recommendations for the number of servers and the actual server specs for a NS that could properly handle the client load and have a few employees import data and run queries?

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What I got from your comment/question is that you have one Notification Server with 6000 PC's reporting into it. It is having some performance issues. In order to help we would need to know what type of solutions you are using, what type of events are you tracking, are you using package servers or are all 6,000 clients pulling from the NS? What type of hardware are you using? Is this within VMWare and what type of SQL setup do you have. The more information you can give us the better we can help.

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I have 2500 clients and im running the NS with 16GB of RAM and i beleive 4 core (maybe 8).  DB has 32GB of RAM and 8 core.  I also off load a large portion of tasks to roughyl 10 task & package servers but I really want to expand that to at least 25.  Divide what I have by 4 and we experienced issues similar to you.

When the ITMS implementation guide sets out minimum recommendations, they really are minimums especially when it comes to sql.  sql db will take whatever resources you throw at it.

At the very least, if your only task server is the NS you need a TS and then lower the amount of clients the NS can task directly.