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NS7.0 DP 7.1 Status not being delivered

Created: 15 Mar 2010

I am using the deployment portal 7.1 installed on NS 7.0 to run a script task which in turn installs a program using an msi file (SWV6.1).  This particular MSI file happens to cause the computer to reboot when it's finished.  The install happens ok, the computer reboots, and I can import layers.  The agent on the computer even says the task ended and what the status code was.  However the NS (Deployment Portal) is still twidling it's thumbs saying the task has "started".  Eventually it times out after 5 minutes (I set it that low cause of this problem) and then it gives me the correct status code.  I'm going to guess this is only a problem when jobs cause a restart and the status code doesn't have time to report back before the computer reboots. 

I'm requesting 3 features that are currently missing from Deployment Portal.  The first is to fix the above problem. 

2.  Add custom error codes like the old DS had.  I don't want my staff to have to look up what an error code of 1041 means when installing an SVS layer.  I also don't want to have to force a return code of 0 for tasks like the above WV6 install that returns a 1641 Error code which means "The windows installer has initiated a restart".  It might be easiest to give me an If statement that says If returncode=1641 then success.  Right now I only have the option to kick off another task with the if statements. 

3.  A cancel task button.  I made the mistake of turning off the "End task if X minutes have elapsed" option.  I then had a failed job like the one above but it never timed out.  I ended up having to delete and reinstall the agent to get it to run another job.